Tuesday, May 4, 2010

April in Review + I'm Backwards Woman

Total Miles: 180  which is up from 151 last month (compared to 71.02 in 2009 P.S. Who runs 71.02 miles?!??!?! Can you tell I had just got my Garmin at the end of the month.  Ha.). This breaks my current monthly record!!

Total Time: 27:49:32.  Holy cow.  (Last month was 23:35:49.)

Total Runs: 19 for an average of 9.47 miles/run.  (Last month was 8.88 miles/run).

Highest weekly mileage: 4/19/2010-4/25/2010 47 miles 7:16:08.  I had 3 weeks this month where I broke 40 miles and each week was a new higher mileage week.  Pretty B.A. fo sho.

Favorite run: My 2nd 20 miler.  This was my last major long run before taper time.  My 1st 20 miler was great, and I was concerned it was a fluke.  20 miler #2 has given me the confidence I need to make it through 26.2 on May 16th. 

Most hardcore run: My 8 mile tempo run that inadvertently turned into a 9 mile tempo run because my "cool down" mile was actually at tempo pace without realizing it.  Oops!

Favorite Race: none.  Sniffle sniffle.

Current Jams:  Old school Blink 182.

Monday I had an easy 5 miler on the schedule.  5 miles?!?!?!  YIPPEE!  (clearly I'm loving all of these shorter runs that taper is allowing me.)  I decided to throw on an older pair of running shorts (a pair from target that I had previously cut the built in undies out of b/c they didn't fit right).  Of course I was wearing a pair of boy cut under armour running shorts to keep my cheeks in check.  <---Um...that was pretty witty.  Heh heh.

At the one mile-ish mark, I stopped to do my quick stretcheroo.  As I was stretching I checked the band of my shorts to make sure they were still double rolled (I prefer running in some shorty shorts) because they seemed to be hitting in a really low spot on my legs.  That's when I realized that my key pocket was off my left butt cheek.  Waaaaaaaaait a second?  Isn't that usually in the front right??  Uh.. yup.  Drawstring is definitely in the back, and if I wasn't wearing the under armour -roos I would be baring cheeks for all to see. 

I contemplated doing a quick switcheroo (really going all out with the -roo references in this post, no?) on the trail, but of course there were too many runners/bikers around so I kept going.  I literally spent the next 4 miles looking for a hidden part of the trail that I could fix my shorts on, but sadly never found it.  Instead I ran along the little kids' soccer practice looking like a ho fo sho.  Oy.

The first 2 1/2 miles were with the wind at my back, so of course the last 2 1/2 were into the wind.  I let my legs take a very easy pace, so that should tell you the amount of wind that's out there.  Lame.

I did 5 miles in 46:44 for a pace of 9:21.
1. 9:15

2. 9:11
3. 9:19
4. 9:31
5. 9:26
In case you missed it yesterday, the tracking site is up for the MARATHON!!!!  Send me an email at jerbearshares at gmail dot com if you want my bib number.  If you previous commented that you want it, please send me an email, because I don't know that blogger gives me the capability to respond back to you via email (or else it does, and I'm just a ding dong...whatevs...)http://www.cellcomgreenbaymarathon.com/race-day/track-your-runner


Lacey Nicole said...

you seriously rocked marathon training!! you have been pumped the whole time (MARATHON TRAINING!!!) hehehe and i LOVE it. it almost (almost) makes me want to train for one again. b/c i think the race is only a small part of the overall marathon experience. really you spend most of your time in training. as your time and mileage show :) congrats on a great month!!! good luck in the MARATHON!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I always love your recaps!!! :) And you in general...

Slomohusky said...

Great effort and a whole lotta miles. I am happy if I get the century mark in a month. Good luck can't wait to read how you do in Green Bay!

Jamie said...

Awesome April! And too funny about your shorts. Can't say I've ever done that one!

J said...

Hey - I dont have a garmin and I run 71.02 miles a month! lol

Great job on the marathon training!

Heather said...

I wore a shirt inside out for a half marathon last year. I kept brushing my arm against the tag on the side during the race and wondering what the heck was going on, didn't realize til the end that the shirt was inside out. I'm so cool.

Great job on the training in April!

Steel Springs said...

Haha. My husband recently ran with his shirt on inside out. I remember when it was "cool" to wear clothing inside out or backwards.

Awesome month! You're going to rock that marathon!

Glenn Jones said...

Hmm. No pictures to embarass you with a year rom now? Anyone?

Welcome to taper madness! You're going to do great.

Anonymous said...

you're a beast-ette!!!