Thursday, May 27, 2010

They're baaaaaaaaaaaaack

I had given myself a strict rest day on Tuesday after the IT band and foot/ankle pain from Monday.  What better way to fill the void of running, than to go out with new running buddy to celebrate her MARATHON!  (Ok, I know that whole MARATHON crap is probably beyond old, but it's still fun for me.  So please deal just b/c you heart me, k?)  Question:  Can we technically call each other running buddies if we have yet to run together?  Or should we be considered Marathon Celebration Buddies?  We have a run planned for this weekend, so we'll solidify the relationship asap to keep people from being up in arms about the title, mmk?

Jenn and I met up at one of my favorite restaurant/bars in town for some celebratory libations and food.  In hindsight, probably should've emphasized the food portion of the evening and down played the libations area just a smidge.  We talked all things racing (obviously) and tried to figure out other random similarities that we shared. I honestly feel like I've known her for my whole life, it's pretty effed up but yay for us.  At one point in the evening, it was obviously photo shoot time.  Oh Lord.  I literally have 24549583749530489 photos on my camera, and I'm sure she does as well.  But any good blogger knows, the key to good pictures is to take 1 million
of them because a few are bound to turn out.  And we followed that rule to a T.  However, since we are both fairly photogenic and adorable (sorry boys she's off the market) we now have 24549583749530489 (times two with her camera I'm guessing) good photos.  Excellent.

I also had a familiar face as my DD for the evening because drinking + driving = Jeri's going to punch you in the teeth.  Apparently we're only able to take cute pictures when we're not together.  Which is super awesome.  We are also only able to get along when we're not together.  So that's another fun fact.  Hah.

And as a gift for the lift home, you get a lick from chin to temple.  Because that's how I roll.  I could probably make a full album out of pictures of me licking him.

After waaaaaaaaaaaay too much fun on a "school night" I was not too amped about my run on Wednesday.  Also, I was super nervous that my legs would be "not ready" yet again.  I had an 6 tempo miles on the schedule which I down graded to 6 easy miles, with the intention of running however far I could depending on how my legs felt.  If I could only do 2 before the IT bands and/or ankle started hurting, I would do 2 slow miles.

In other super-dumb-I'm-an-idiot-and-should-know-better-news I ate 42 servings of dairy today.  My lactose intolerant body?  Not lovin' that.  Honestly....everything I ate today was 2-3 parts dairy to 1 part non-dairy.  And the non-dairy part was merely a vehicle to get said dairy to my mouth.  So. Much. Pain.

I had to dig up my old school running watch because my Garmin's battery was dead.  And out the door I went.  As soon as I started up, my legs felt fab.  No pain, no achy, no sluggishness.  The only thing that was weird was my breathing.  I felt like I was breathing hard for no reason (perhaps my lungs aren't used to running in 12,000% humidity yet!).  After about a half mile, I apparently remembered how to breathe again, and all was well.  Even without Garmin, I knew where my mile markers typically are, and mentally noted my splits.  9:20-9:23 range.  This should not be surprising anymore, as that is auto-pilot runner Jeri pace.  Which is a-ok with me.  I was literally beaming on the run.  I smiled and waved at everyone on the trail, I was totally "that girl."  Oh well.  :)

Within the first mile I was within 15 feet of a deer.  It ran up to the trail and then just looked at me while I was running at it.  I didn't want it to think I was ready to engage in battle, but I also didn't want to stop running.  Luckily, it must've thought I was too tough of an opponent, and it took off into the trees.  Bye Bambi!  The last 1/2 mile I had the WORST stomach cramps and almost thought I was going to revisit my dairy-heavy dinner.  Uff.

I did 6 miles in 56:06 for a pace of 9:21.

When I got home, I went to the bathroom to do the quick face rinse of sweat to see this.  Ohmygodthat'ssounbelivablygrossithinkithrewupinmymouthalittlebit.  But seriously.  Just for some frame of reference, one of those black dots is a mole.  The other 47....... [shudders].  Also, for the record, I don't sweat I glooooow.

But most importantly:  welcome back leggies.  I havemissed you. :)


..:danielle:.. said...

and for yet another one of our eerie similarities... have you tried digestive advantage lactose intolerance one a day pills? works like a charm :)

Staci Dombroski said...

Glad to hear the run went well and that picture is disgusting :)

celmore said...

Looks like you had a great time.

Welcome back to running!

Heather said...

Looks like a fun night. I had way too much fun at the golf course last night. So much for only drinking water.

Steel Springs said...

Are you running buddies on Facebook yet? Until you change your status, it's not official. All kidding aside, I'm really happy that you found a great running buddy. She sounds great!

Forty-two servings of dairy is impressive. And delicious. Was there a lot of cheese and ice cream?

Anonymous said...

You guys can be whatever kind of buddies you want (heh) - running buddies w/ a run or not!! Love the pictures, very cute :)

nice run! Sounds like the legs are effortlessly returning to their norm. You say "on the schedule" - are you training for another race already?! Crazy Jerbear.

Glenn Jones said...

Yay for rest day! You need to be a little careful post marathon.

I know those little black dots of which you speak. I run close to the ocean, so there are *always* gnats around. A couple nights ago I actually swallowed one while gasping for breath. I think it was a little larger than a gnat too. Yuck!

Susan said...

I'm so jealous you two are such buddies! I want in. :)