Sunday, May 2, 2010

Speedy Legs + Inspiration

Wednesday I had the dreaded 1600 m. intervals on the schedule.  Of course we were under a wind advisory, because that seems to be the name of the game lately.  I decided to head to the gym.  Speed workouts are actually kind of fun on the treadmill.  When I started the run I was shocked at how great my legs felt.  I seriously felt like I could've BQ'd if I had tried.  (Ok, not at all, but you get the idea.)  I hope my legs feel that fresh and great race day.  Wowsers!  My iPod decided to putz out and me after my warm up mile, so I chose to sing Blink 182 - Miss You over and over in my head during my repeats.  

I did 7 miles in 1:02:29 for a pace of 8:56.  Average interval pace was 7:47.

Warm Up1 Mi9:399:399:39
Interval1 Mi7:4717:267:47
Recovery0.5 Mi5:2922:5510:58
Interval1 Mi7:4830:437:48
Recovery0.5 Mi5:2536:0810:50
Interval1 Mi7:5244:007:52
Recovery0.5 Mi5:2649:2610:52
Interval1 Mi7:4457:107:44
Cool Down0.5 Mi5:131:02:2310:26

The once hated 1600 m. repeats are now actually --dare I say it?-- fun.  Oy.  When did I become a distance runner?!?!?!?!

Thursday night I headed out for an easy 8 miler.  Since it was late and already dark when I headed out, I had to run a pretty hilly route to run through a super safe part of town.  My legs were feeling the speed workout from the night before.  I ran to my old apartment and ran an old route from a few years ago.  I love the area of town because it is super safe and there's almost zero traffic, so I don't have to worry about dodging cars.  About halfway through the run, it started to rain lightly.  I've said it before but I l-o-v-e running in warm rain.  It was seriously such a beautiful run.

I did 8 miles in 1:15:23 for a pace of 9:26.

I have a list of things I want to do/need to do in my spare time.  Last weekend I finally got around to doing one of the things in the "want to do" category:  my inspiration board!  Over the last year I've been putting my race bibs on my refrigerator post-race.  Well it's getting a bit full, so I wanted to do something with them but to display them a bit better.  Behold the board.  :)

I have all of the race bibs from every race I ran in that required a bib, including 3 from high school (bottom left corner 2000, middle bottom, and the GREEN one from the state track meet my senior year)! As you can see I've done quite a fit of the races multiple times.  I also included some fun inspirational words/quotes/sayings.

Some highlights/closeups:

My favorite bib because it A) has my name on it B) is not boring and WHITE and C) makes me look FAST because I was in corral A.  Haha.  Also, Race Like a know it!

Pace band for 3:40.  Someday. :)

I've had this Green Bay Cellcom Marathon ad cut out of a Runners World magazine for 4 years (hence the super old logo).  

Run happy. :)  


Anonymous said...

This is on my to-do list too!! I have them on a corkboard, but I want to make a collage and frame them!! I spy the wild west relay one :) woohoo relays!

J said...

Great job on the intervals! There are some days when those 1600m repeats just work out great and you feel good! Glad you were able to enjoy them!

Jamie said...

Awesome job on those 1600 repeats speedy! I am dreading mine this week. And the board looks good!

Anonymous said...

Hey speedy! nice job on the repeats - the 1600m is long enough that you can settle into the pace, but also feel like death because OMG you have to keeeep going...

Loving the board - my bibs are in a pile post-move and I have yet to have any decoration ideas. Ugh.

Staci Dombroski said...

Way to go! I asked myself when I became a distance runner too :) I hope you have a great week!

Glenn Jones said...

Great times Jeri! You know what's funny to me? Your rest steps are faster than my miles used to be when I first started running two plus years ago. Yikes!