Monday, May 3, 2010

Last Long Run before GREEN BAY

Earlier this week I debated about switching my long run from Saturday to Friday.  This didn't really seem beneficial as far as my schedule was concerned (speed workout Wednesday, longer hilly run Thursday night, long run Friday afternoon), but given that Friday was the last day of the month, it didn't take much to twist my arm.  Also, the fact that the run was only 12 miles (you know you're in MARATHON TRAINING when 12 miles can be prefaced by "only" I swear my brain doesn't normally think this way) and I knew I could fit it in before dark.  Also, also! also, (I use also a lot, it's obnoxious, I'm sorry) it's my first long run since February 13th (yes I looked it up) that was less than a half marathon in distance.  Whooooooa.

When I got off work it was gorgeous out.  Sunny and cooler, breezy.  I threw a random mix of songs on my iPod and I was out the door.  I had planned to do the run at ~9:30 pace.  My right IT band always seems a bit sore after speed work and hilly runs (Wed and Thurs) so I tried to keep the pace easy.  Well we know how that goes for me.

The wind was pretty intense at my back for the first few miles, which means it was pretty intense to run into for the last few miles.  The good news was that I ran at an even effort throughout the whole 12 miles.  The miles that were lower than the average pace (with the exception of the final mile) were because of the wind at my back, the ones over are into the wind.  The miles that are exactly the same pace, were neutral miles.  Kind of interesting/entertaining.

1. 9:22
2. 8:55
3. 8:59
4. 9:05
5. 9:20
6. 9:20
7. 9:20
8. 9:26
9: 9:24
10. 9:29
11. 9:20
12. 8:59

I did 12 miles in 1:51:08 for a pace of 9:16.   1/3 of my splits were 9:20 pace.  Crazy.

My next double digit run will be my MARATHON!!!!!! 

After my run, I decided to see what my buddy BQ on his 1st try/Tri Guy (BQoh1t/TG) was up to, as we had been attempting to hang out to talk racing/training for a couple of weeks now.  He's notorious for going to bed at 10pm (even in college pre-endurance sport training, we'd always give him a hard time for) so I was surprised he was free and not snoozing already. :)  This guy is such an inspiration it's ridiculous.  He's doing his first full Ironman this summer, and it blows my mind.  Yes, I'm now intrigued by triathlons, which I knew would happen if we hung out, *AND* he's put the BQ bug in my brain.

I know I'm a fast enough runner to BQ, it's just a matter of when and putting in a ton of hard work to get my endurance there.  I previously had a goal of doing it by 30, but maybe we'll bump that up 1 to 2 years.  ;)  Maybe I should just get through marathon #1 first, huh?

ATTENTION:  Tracking is now up for the big day!!!!! Let me know if you want my bib number to track me.  Email me at jerbearshares at gmail dot com  Once I run you through the stalker/psycho/creeper detector, I will issue you the necessary information.  But seriously..... :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm a race-stalker (well, first timer with Boston this year b/c I knew so many runners doing it :) ) and want your bib #! AWESOME!

Get through #1 first, without the pressure of BQ. Enjoy the experience and THEN work your a$$ off to get that Pr next time ;)

Jamie said...

I think you are going to have an awesome 1st marathon experience! I'm so excited for you! Bib number would be awesome :) Would love to see how it went after I'm done running my marathon!

Anonymous said...

You're going to do great....I love to stalk races so a bib number would be great!

Anonymous said...

JERI! I am so excited for you!!!!!
Enjoy the taper, make sure to take extra care of yourself the next two weeks. I made the mistake of getting lazy with the recovery process which most definitely caused the sickness. Lesson learned.
You definitely can BQ, I'm thinking about shooting for a BQ time at twin cities. How awesome would it be if we both run it the same year! ahh!

I'm PUMPED to track you, I will be glued to my computer screen all morning. :):)

Heather said...

You are getting so close! I am so excited for you (I've only said that about 8 bazillion times, but seriously!). You have done an awesome job on your training and you are going to do so great on your first marathon!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Gosh if only I could fun like you do!You are doing absolutely fabulous!


Steel Springs said...

The marathon is so close! You're going to be great!

Anonymous said...

First off...good luck with your marathon. Secondly, come to the dark a triathlon....don't it now..hahaha