Monday, May 10, 2010

Final Speedy Run

I feel like all of my posts have started with "final" the past week or so.  Random note:  In high school, I was totally *that* girl.  Senior year, "last" first day of school, "last" time we'd eat chili crispitos at lunch (my fave), "last" prom, "last" track practice, etc.  I'm sure my friends were happy to be rid of me after a year full of "lasts."  Well surely you guys are equally as sick of my "final(s)" and are just ready for me to run the damn MARATHON!!  (You're all probably quite sick of that too, huh?)  Confession:  I am too!  Race day I'm ready for you.

Anyway, tonight I had my "final" tough run before the big day.  [Make sure you read big day with a loud booming voice to get the full effect.]  It was actually scheduled for later in the week, but I figured my legs would love me if I got it out of the way early on.  I was scheduled to do 6 miles with 4 at a tempo pace of 8:35.  Since there is currently a monsoon going on outside (what?  you didn't know we get monsoons in SoDak?  homie check yo-self! <----omg, I literally laughed outloud at the voice I used when writing *that* line.  Taper madness anyone???), I decided to hit up the gym.

As soon as I got to the gym it was packed.  Apparently everyone else is too big of pussies to work out in the monsoon too.  Of course that means that every treadmill is full as well.  I hang out by the wall, Star magazine in hand (that I borrowed from the rack, I don't buy that garbage, but I'll sure as heck read it if someone else has, guilty!), pseudo stretching, but ready to sprint to an open treadmill throwing 'bows to any passerbys if necessary.  As soon as one opens up I pounce.

I quickly clamored up onto the treadmill and was hit with a wave of sweaty humid air.  When did they put this treadmill in a sauna?  That seems silly.  And then I saw it......the buckets of sweat pouring off of the machine, collecting on the ledge of the monitoring and pooling together in the cup holder.  I shuddered.  And then it hit me, "THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE THINK WHEN THEY GET ON THE TREADMILL AFTER ME!!!!"  Holy epiphany.  I apologize profusely to anyone who has hopped aboard the tready after my sweat-sacre (<--sweat+massacre, ya, I just made it up).  And then I realized it was only sweat and that it couldn't hurt me, and why not see if our combined efforts could contribute to the sweatiest treadmill in the history of the world!  Also, I may have briefly thought that Mr. Sweat could possibly be my soul mate, but that's perhaps for another blog post.

Unfortunately, my run wasn't nearly as exciting as the shenanigans leading up to it.  The warm up mile hurt my knees so I increased the speed a smidge and upped the incline.  Perfect.  The tempo miles felt comfortable and strong.  And I caught up on some awesome celeb gossip in the final cooldown mile.

I did 6 miles in 53:08 for a pace of 8:52.  Tempo pace = 8:30.

1. 9:31
2. 8:26
3. 8:33
4. 8:34
5. 8:27
6. 9:34

Unfortunately, I did not have my best sweaty performance.  Yes, I was soaked, but there have been many other occasions where I've truly outdid myself.  I think our stars will align again at the gym, and then history will be made.

And just to let you in on what I've been obsessing over since May 1st (that would mean 15 days out from the race day).  And if you have guessed checking the weather report you would be CORRECT!  I've gone from hating it, loving it, being ok with it, loving it, liking it, disliking it, and currently loathing it.  It is the midwest, so I'm counting on it changing at least 14 more times before race day.  I hope anyway.  What am I going to do?  Put rocks in my pockets to keep from blowing away?!?!?!?!?  Give me a break. One of my buddies had a very clever facebook status update the other day that I just crack up over every time I think of it:  Wind blows.  Bahahahhahaah.  But seriously, wind, I'll kill you.  Don't think I'm kidding.

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Btw, anyone know of any anti-wind dances?  I could use some fun effective x-training ideas for the next 6 days.....


Anonymous said...

At first I was like "Um, that race forecast looks PERFECT" (i.e. Jer, you're crazy, who wouldn't want 69*?! heh). Oh, 40 mph winds. OOF.

I'll make up some sort of anti-wind dance that will 1) reduce your chances of blowing away and 2) take your mind off the wind because OMG you're RUNNING A MARATHON. Just sayin'. ;)

Dwayne said...

Yikes, that is seriously windy. I ran a HM on Saturday with 20 mph winds gusting to 30 but it (surprisingly) wasn't that horrible. Drafting off of hundreds of other runners helps!

Good luck this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side.. at least at SOME point in that race the wind will be pushing you right along! (hopefully along mile 20-26) but I'm sure the forecast will change, always does.
Good run girl!

Susan said...

You are too funny! I love all your made up words and phrases...haha.

I'll hope the wind comes my way instead of your way...that should be far enough away to taper down the 40mph!

Jamie said...

Like you said it being the midwest it will change all the way through to race morning! Hopefully the early start will have no wind and much cooler temps. But at least you trained in a lot of wind! Does that help?

Emz said...

You crack me up.

You are awesome.

Way to go!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know it was so gangsta in drive me crazy tooo. By the time race day comes along...'m bloody tired of waiting and am ready to rip my shirt off like the hulk and charge Good luck

Slomohusky said...

Mr. Sweaty is your soulmate? Yuck :). What happened to Mr. Nimbus?

Make California or SW your race locale. Little less weather obessive. Well, unless you like 50 Mph winds blowing desert dust into your lungs.

X-Country2 said...

Wind is the WORST. I have my fingers crossed it'll change. it always does.

NY Wolve said...

You have not seen sweat until after I run on a treadmill. My gym has these handi wipes for the equipment, and I use those and the towels. But still.

And the wind is both in and out, so it helps as much as it hurts. At least you can tell yourself that, even if it is not exactly true.

J said...

Well Hopefully the weather will change again. Great job on the run. I love being able to watch good tv while running! I feel so productive!

Anonymous said...

I check the weather 3 times a day on a regular day. LEading up to a race I am downright obsessive!! I hope the wind waits a day for you!

Glenn Jones said...

Yup. Obsessively checking the weather. Welcome to taper madness!

Now - 40 mph wind gusts are serious. Hopefully they will be tailwinds!