Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fargooooooooooo Marathon Training Begins

Marathon training started on the day of loooooooove (February 14th) but my last couple weeks of training didn't go exactly as planned.  I had week 1 of training just shy of 40 miles, but after posting 4 miles last week (thanks Ninja Death Star Flu) and 21 the week before (feel "out of it" from the possible impending NDSF) I didn't think 40 miles was very... uh.. smart.  I chatted a bit with Jason who has become my marathon training program aficionado this go around, and he suggested I stay right around 25 miles for this week.  Works for me!

My new motivation secured to my bathroom mirror.  Ignore that I need to clean my mirror immensely.

I went through the first 5 weeks of my training program and adjusted them to fit a ~15% weekly mileage increase and before I even began, my training program was revamped.  Ugh.  Oh well.  I did an easy peasy 3 miler to kick off training.  It was warm but there were huge areas of super duper slick ice so I toggled between a 9:40 pace when I was running, and who knows what pace when I was tippy toeing across the ice.

And another thing I've been wondering, is anyone else able to tell that they're getting sick, a few days before they actually get sick just based on how poor your runs feel.  On the Saturday that I attempted my ten mile long run and cut it short at 3 miles, I was going extremely slow, my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest, and my shirt was soaked after 27 minutes of running (surprisingly not common for me after only a slow poke 3 miler).  Yet, I didn't start feeling sick until Monday.  Interesting?  Or am I just loco?
This is how happy I am to be running after only doing 4 miles in 10 days FYI.

And in other fun news, I was contacted by Megan at Build a Sign to create some sweet signage for my bloggy.  I knew they had to have 3 things:  be green (duh!), list my blog addy, and include my running mantra....Don't think just run!  I was super excited at how they turned out!! :)

Custom Bumper Stickers

I was sent stickers and sweet window clings.  Upon receipt I immediately stuck one on KK's bedroom mirror so he has to think of me and my running obsession every time he looks at himself.  I'm a genius... I know.  If anyone wants one of these puppies, I'll send one out the the first 10 that want them.  Let me know what your running mantra is!  If you don't happen to be one of the first 10 and really really really want one (likely my Mom, because really who else would?!?!) feel free to beg in the comments... I'm feeling extra sweet.  ;)


JRose said...

I'd totally like one to make other people read you.

And my running mantra is "Run until the man with the knife stops chasing you."

I'm an artist, not a runner, but it is actually really cool to read about. =D

Shawn said...

yep...pick me...the little red clown car is going to be the king of advertising..

Mantra...."suck it up buttercup...life hurts"

Sarah said...

ooo ooo ooo i want one!!!! HARDCORE...you gotta leave it all out there if you wanna be hardcore!...and i do:-)

Evolving Through Running said...

I'd definitely like to add on of those to my collection of running stuff.

My mantra is "There Is No Finish Line". Pure marketing genius on the part of Nike.

Anonymous said...

I love your running mantra! "don't think just go" used to by my mantra in gymnastics when doing scary stuff. I'm not sure I have just one running mantra - most involve "you're strong" "suck it up you bitch" "don't stop now" and "you've got this girl"

Cait said...

aww you are SO pretty girl :) your blog is super cute! i love hearing about these marathons that everyone is doing- considering i'm a horrible runner and WISH i did what you do :) great job hun!

Anonymous said...

Pick meeeeee! I shall take my sticker to the jungle and educate the natives on the fabulousness that is jerbear ;)

Brynna said...

Oohh i'd love one of those stickers. I love your mantra.

My mantra while playing rugby (which has translated into running at times) has been "I like the feeling of pain-it reminds me that i'm still alive"

Kier said...

So excited for your Fargo training! It is going to be for sure the best marathon ever.

I always try to think of a running mantra, but can never come up with anything clever. Then I realize it probably doesn't have to be clever and that I have always been determined when it comes to training. So I guess mine would be "Determination"

Nobel4Lit said...

My Fargo training is sort of happening now... I think. I have a marathon on 3/20 and then Fargo 2 months later. We'll see how it goes!

Anonymous said...

I'm commenter 11, but I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want one!!! It's a great motto. I need to catch up on my blog reading, so I can get cool stuff like this:-)

My running mantra is "Just keep going"

Adam said...

I LOVE the sign on your mirror!

Susan said...

I want one!!! This is what I get for waiting to read your blog. :( But really, I asked someone if they knew of any library jobs in NYC, and they asked who was looking for one, then proceeded to say, "How do you know she's not some 42 year old man?"

I responded with, "because we'd be best friends if she lives here...OBVIOUSLY."

I feel like blog wear would solidify that.

Also, I found us a sweet apartment.