Thursday, February 3, 2011


After declaring my hatred for the treadmill via dailymile yesterday, I decided I would brave the elements since we were experiencing a heatwave (heatwave=temps above zero..... that's practically swimsuit season!).  When I checked the windchill I realized I was going to freeze my little face off.  Conundrum.  I was complaining to my running buddy, Angie, at our dailymile meet up this weekend that I needed to get a facemask to wear in the cold and she mentioned that she just used her neck warmer over her face when it was cold.  And then I asked what her neck warmer consisted of..... which was a shocking answer:  basically a scarf.  Uh..... I have more scarves than I have clothes.  Clearly I could use one of them over my face!

And I did.

And it was great.

Silly me thought that because it wasn't blizzard temps anymore, the trails would be clear as well.  Wrong.  1-2' snow drifts.  Neat-o.  Instead I did laps around the park.  Laps are a gazillion times better than running in place on the treadmill for an hour.  At times my scarf would whip around in the wind..... and I felt like a superhero.
I iz superhero.
I haz cape!

I love a good LOLCAT reference.  And speaking of kittens I have been wanting a little kitten and an adorable pug sooooooooooo badly lately.  Every time I talk about how cute whittle puggies are I stawt talking in the whittle bitty annoying voice.  I would just wove one so muchhhhhhhhhhh.

How could you not wove that whittle bitty face?!?!?!?!?  WOVE!!!!

And all of my friends have always joked that I will end up the crazy cat lady, and to be honest I don't think that's a terrible future.  I even had a dream that KK brought me an adorable little grey kitten with giant paws and he was so cute and it made me so happy.  The end.  

I do have this theory that the only people that like me (typically) are self-proclaimed cat people.  Just like cats, I'm not very trusting of people and tend to be pretty shy and stand-offish.  However, after you take the time to get to know me, I'm super outgoing and I'm the most lovable person in the world.  Just wike ze whittle kitty faces.

Ok, enough of that.


Andrew Opala said...

I love kittens too, especially when they're fried in butter and onions ... yummy.

I feed the left-overs to my dog (Rex) he loves them too!

Susan said...

My favorite part is the superhero it.

I'd like to be a cat person but they make me sneeze so I opt for dogs...or anyone who will let me pet their head.


J said...

How are we not friends on Daily mile? I just friend-ed you. I am a cat person but I do love dogs. Its hard to choose. Glad you got a run in outside! WAYY better than the treadmill!

Greg said...

I always tell my friends that I would rather run in the cold than in the heat, but reading your blog makes me reevaluate that statement. I'll need to re-read these posts in June when Raleigh turns into an oven.

Thanks for the comment about my little Basil. He is an awesome cat! I've had dogs in the past because the litter box issue was too much for me, but the tradeoff is that I don't have to get up and take him out in the middle of the night when it is raining. Only real drawback about cats and small dogs is they don't make good running buddies.

Shawn said...

Not all of us Canucks are like Andrew....2 cats, Earl and Pekoe, named after tea's....aka...dumb and dumber. Love dogs but a lot of work.

Heather said...

You DO look like a superhero! I froze my face off on my run today - the whole left side was completely numb. Should have had some dental work done while I had the free anesthetic. :)

Oh, and I am definitely not a cat person (allergic), but I still like you!

Anonymous said...

EVERY post should have Lol-cat references. I often spend/waste hours google searching those images for "appropriate" posts/jokes. Heh.

Jamie said...

I've been wanting another kitty but my huz says one is enough right now. I may have to just go get one and not tell him until he comes home ;)

Evolving Through Running said...

How 'bout them Packers?!?! Have you sobered up yet from celebrating?

My daughter is currently going through a 'kitten phase'. Kitten posters, kitten stickers, etc. No real interest in actual cats, but she sure likes the pictures.

Z said...
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