Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's A-maiz-ing

Every once in awhile I have a profound thought.  The other night we were hanging out with a bunch of KK's friends.  They were recounting a recent visit to Vegas where they met some random people from Florida.  When they stated that they were from South Dakota, specifically Mitchell, SD they were shocked to find out that the Florida kids had heard of the "corn castle" (or the Corn Palace, as it's actually called).  All of a sudden, a thought struck me.... what if the Corn Palace started on fire?!?!?!?  FREE POPCORN FOR THE STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA!!! YAYZIES!
(Source for original photo)

[Sidenote:  Why do all of my "illustrations" depict fire of some sort?  I should really learn to draw it if that's the case.]
And then Kyle popped (baahahhahahah get it.... punny popcorn reference) my bubble by stating that they were two different types of corn and then I was sad.
Those are popcorn tears. FYI.  Also, don't be alarmed, in real life I have an actual outline to my face.  Not just a chin and ears.

I did my first long run of marathon training Saturday.  Due to illness and such I've done one long run longer than 9 miles since Vegas, and it was 12 miles with Jenn in Houston.... a month ago.  So I was a little nervous to do 14.  It was actually a gorgeous day for a run, and I took it nice and easy, and then tried to pick up the pace the last mile.  All miles were between the 9:29-10:29 LR pace that I'm adhering to this round of training except the last mile.

I did 14 miles in 2:21:xx (too lazy to look it up).

Monday I had an easy 4 miles + striders on the schedule.  Because of the ice storm we got this weekend, I was stuck running on the treadmill.  As soon as I started running I had some major tightness in my right lower hammie.  I slowed to almost a 10 min/mile pace and let it warm up, and stretched big time after the run.  I opted against the striders as well.  Sorry Jase. :(


Anonymous said...

Didn't I ask you about the corn palace? Ha.

From experience: striders when your hamstrings are tweaked = worst idea ever. Smart girl. ;)

Andrew Opala said...

awesome run!

... what if the corn palace was crushed by elephants ... you now need to learn to draw oozing syrup coming from the doors

Greg said...

Jerri, have you ever used the foam roller? I do, and it really helps . . . it hurts like some medieval torture device while you are doing, but afterwards you feel all kinds of sorted out.

P.S. It could be worse . . . all of my drawings are of poo . . . and I don't mean the fat bear you find a Disney. ;)

Nobel4Lit said...

Ha ha!! Love the "Paint" skills!

Nice long run!

Susan said...

I love when bloggers make use of paint.....and I think you just convinced me to come visit SoDak....POPCORN!!

Anonymous said...

ZOMG, I've always wanted to go to the corn palace! And don't you have Wall Drug too?? I'm so jealous. Hope your hammy feels better!

Anonymous said...

Jealous of your ability to run 14 miles when you haven't done more then 12 in a month...not something I can do..YET! Good work girl!