Thursday, February 10, 2011

January in Review + This Runner's End of Year Rituals

January in Review

Total Miles: 79.2 miles up from 66.4 last month.  (81.5 miles from January 2010.  Which means I'm equal amounts of wussy.  YAY!)

Total Time:  12:33:18 up from 10:55:31 (11:25:01 last January.)

Total Runs: 14 for an average of 5.66/run.  Considering every run seems to be 5-6 miles this is about right.

Highest weekly mileage:  
1/24/2011 — 1/30/2011:28.0 Mi4:23:32

Favorite run
: Long run with miss Jenn.  I miss having a running buddy and I miss her MUCHOS!  Plus it was cool to see Houston on foot.

Most hardcore run: I did a tempo run (unblogged) and mile repeats just because (also unblogged).  Any time I run hard while not following a training program is considered hardcore to me.

Favorite Race: None.  Sniffle.

Bike Miles: 0 which is exactly the same as last month's 0.  

Favorite Jams: Kate Nash--Nicest Thing, Bruno Mars--Grenade, Rihanna--Love the Way you Lie (Part II), J Cole--I'm coming home, Drake--Best I've Ever Had
    And here's some random musings from a post I wrote back in December and forgot to post.  WTH Jerbear?!?!?

    We as runners have countless rituals (or perhaps it's just miss OCD over here).  As I was cleaning the other day I realized that it was almost time to de-clutter my fridge.  I have very specific rituals that I follow, that you get the pleasure of learning today.

    • My current training program always goes in the upper left hand corner of my fridge.  Since I don't currently have one, my Vegas bib took its spot.
    • Once a training program has been completed, it gets retired to the lower portion of the fridge.  It remains here through the end of the year.
    • At the end of the calendar year, all training programs get removed and retired to their final resting place (aka on top of the fridge).  Would you be surprised to know that I have every training program I've ever done in the past 6 years of long distance running?  You shouldn't be.... *cough* hoarder *cough*
    • Every race bib for the calendar year gets a spot on my fridge as well.  Well every bib except for the Urban Wildland half were it literally disintegrated from my sweat.  Oh well, better than black eyed susans sprouting from it mid-run (a legitimate concern of mine).
    • At the end of the year, the bibs all get removed as well to start a-fresh.  Last year I put all of my collected race bibs on a board along with some fun inspiration running cut outs.  This year, I'm not sure what to do with my bibs.  Any suggestions?

    Hoarderific old training programs. :)


    Anonymous said...

    Oh my goodness, this is funny. I don't hoard quite that much, but I do randomly find race bibs throughout the apartment. I like to use them as bookmarks. The really special ones get posted on a bulletin board in my office. But I stumbled across this awesome idea, I might have it done with one of my marathon bibs:

    Nobel4Lit said...

    Wow, what a fridge! That is definitely motivating, I bet!

    Andrew Opala said...

    ahhh ... that's what fridge's are for!

    funny we just put food in them.

    Anonymous said...

    aww thats really cool! And I bet an awesome motivating tool. I used to hang my race numbers from Cross Country in High school all over the place. Good work on monthly milage..I was about 10 miles behind you!

    Anonymous said...

    hehe, I do the exact same thing with my fridge - love it!

    Anonymous said...

    Oh, the hoarding queen reigns again! ;) I keep all my bibs too, but honestly haven't done anything with them. In grad school/internship times, they were on my wall, but since they've been packed in a box. Sad day!

    Glenn Jones said...

    That's pretty amazing January considering the weather you all had. Great job!

    Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

    What a great idea to put all your race bibs from the year on your fridge! I ususally just file them away.