Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's so FLUFFY!

I decided today that my brain is bipolar when it comes to motivation for running.  Throughout the day, my brain toggled amongst the following:
  • Ooooooh I can't WAIT to run my 800 m. repeats.  I heart speedwork.  Yayzies!  Sparkles! Kittens! Unicorns and Moonbeams! (or something like that....)
  • Ugh.  I just want to be lazy and hang out with K.  No running for me.
  • Hmmm..... I just ate 6 meals worth of cookies and candy.... I probably should go workout.....
  • Screw hanging out with K, I want my couch, I want my stripey pajama pants, and I want last night's Gossip Girl episode.... and I want it NOW!
  • If I get in a good sweat session, I'll sleep like an angel tonight.
  • What if my hamstring still hurts?  It'd be a waste to get to the gym only to have to turn around and come home.  Plus I'm almost out of gas.....
  • And finally, meh, if I do it tonight, at least I won't have to have this inner dialogue tomorrow as it'll be a rest day.
I headed to the gym after work tonight to take on my 5x800 m. repeats.  I was still a bit concerned about my hamstring after it's annoyingness last night, so I stretched it out before the run, and then stretched really well after my 1 mile warm up.  Then it was on like donkey kong.

3:36, 3:39, 3:38, 3:33, 3:35

During the 4th repeat I had the audacity to think in my bwain, "Jerbear you are killing this repeat... and you seem to be doing it without struggling.... " and in the next breath switched to, "I might see those cookies + candy I enhaled earlier."  Puke threshold, long time no see!  Luckily I didn't toss my cookies, literally.  bahahahahahahah.  But my stomach still feels pretty wonky.

Now all I want more than anything in this world is some candy.  I watched Despicable Me this weekend, and had to show KK this clip because I'm kind of in love with Agnes.  So of course I had to spend the rest of the day reciting the quote like her.  And now I'm in my apartment alone saying I WANT SOME CANDY! Just like her.  I'm so cool.


Susan said...

I did half mile repeats today too...we're SO meant to be.

My stomach feels terribly wrecked as a result of something weird from last night....blahh!! But at least it lasted through the speed work.

Candy candy candy...as per twitter, the brownies I made DEFINITELY got me through my workout. mmmm.

J said...

Ok I have the same interval dialogue!! I seriously go back and forth all day! That is why I exercise in the morning!!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

OMG I love that line!!! It's so fluffy!! I use it to describe all cute things now! Great job on the workout! I overindulged in cookies and candy far too much since Christmas- my pants are tight now!

Dom and Trey said...

I've been meaning to watch this movie, but after watching this clip I HAVE to watch it now.

I'm glad you did not lose your cookies on the treadmill. Enjoy the rest day, today.


Anonymous said...

OH it's been sooo long since I've done 800s...puke threshold always shows its face. Ugh.

I've watched that clip ~100 times (after my Sis posted it on my fb wall...and then even more after I watched the movie). SO HILARIOUS. And adorable.

Anonymous said...

Nice running! I think that's exactly why I run in the morning - to avoid thinking stuff like that all day. But I guess that still doesn't stop me from bagging a speed workout for an easy run sometimes. eh well. I want some candy too. And to watch this week's Gossip Girl..

Anonymous said...

Ha! I think that's what goes through my brain all the time. Nice job getting them done!

..:danielle:.. said...


Hannah said...

Nice job on the 800s!

I want to see that movie! I think even my daughters have seen it, and I haven't.