Friday, April 11, 2014

Almost Shut Out

I was laying on Susan's couch in NYC with my legs elevated the night before the half, checking my email when I saw one from the Brookings Marathon (the half being my likely goal race of the spring). The email said that they were close to filling up, yadda yadda, make sure you register, yadda yadda. I knew it was just a marketing ploy, as the race doesn't usually fill up until early/mid April, and it still had it's low registration fees through March 31st. Surely it wouldn't sell out before the earlybird pricing, right?

I've been trying to space out my race registration fees because $O$M$G$ but I figured I had planned to register when I got back from NYC anyway, so I might as well take the bait.

I registered, and mentally noted to text my running buddy Jenn the next day to let her know I signed up.

Well, I forgot. Being that the next day was race day, and just existing in NYC takes more brain capacity and awareness than I'm used to, and I get a text message from Jenn three days later saying that the half was full.

And I felt like a total turd.

So now I'm super thankful that I went with my gut and registered before it closed, but I'm super bummed I don't get to chase her around town for 13.1 miles. :(

I guess I'll know next time that if they send me an email that they're almost full, I should take their midwestern word for it.

Womp womp.

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