Thursday, April 3, 2014

NYC Recap Day 2

You know how half of Day 2 ended up in NYC (or if you don't feel free to re-read my race report), but after the race we hung out a bit and made our way back to the city to shower/de-stink. Saturday was the day that EVERYTHING I WANTED TO DO fell on. I realized on the way out there that it probably wasn't likely for me to see the author event, newbery festival, while also traveling back to Susan's to shower, eat, recover slightly. The author I really REALLY wanted to meet, Rainbow Rowell, is from Nebraska, so I'm sure I'll be able to see her again soon! Right, right?
Susan wanted to take me to a super awesome taco place but by 1:30 or 2 I was ready for IMMEDIATE FOOD IN MY FACE, so we hit up Blockheads for some mexican and margaritas. The food was just okay, but I remember it seeming like it was the most delicious food I'd eaten in years. 

After lunch, there were a group of NYC runners that were meeting up for drinks after their whiskey run, so we headed over there. Where I ordered the largest beer in the world, apparently. Cheers?

I got to meet Baker, who I've been following on twitter for....possibly ever?,  and Abbe, his super awesome fiance and stellar guacamole maker (p.s. next time I come, I'll be making a date with a bowl of your guac, k?), and Alyssa who I follow on twitter, but because she's wearing a giant fur hood, I didn't even recognize her. Derp.

Anyway, everyone was super duper nice and I learned what my first tweet ever was:

Pretty fitting, let's be honest.

Oh so this is what you look like without a fur hood on! Neat! :)

I then managed to invite us to crash Baker, Abbe, and friends' sushi dinner (sorry blame the giant beer please!) and had some pretty stellar sushi. We had big plans to go out with some of Susan's friends until we made the mistake of going back to her place to get ready and suddenly we were both in our pajamas and I couldn't have been convinced to leave the couch for a trillion dollars. Oops.

More college basketball it is!

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