Tuesday, April 8, 2014

NYC Recap Day 3

Sunday was one of the most fun days I had in NYC. We slept in and headed to the Brooklyn Flea. 

I ate a mushroom arepas and thoroughly enjoyed my first taste of Colombian food. And then I had the most amazing prickly pear lemonade that I would like to drink everyday for the rest of my life. Topped off with some macaroons before we left. Yum. 

I also snagged my first souvenir of the trip with an adorable vintage high-waisted printed skirt. And it's green. Obvs.

From there we walked to the nearby Brooklyn Brewery, but I had to snap some sweet graffiti art en route.

I would like this quote on a shirt. 

Susan and my beer chips. We decided to forgo the actual tour and instead just sampled the beers. We split five beers to make our own sampler.


Mmm beers.

From here it was to Strand Bookstore to look at 18 miles worth of books. It was overwhelming, like crazy. So many people.

I felt like I needed this shirt, but figured it wasn't really library appropriate.

And this is one of my favorite kate quotes, so of course it had to come home with me.

Being a gossip girl fan, Susan took me to wear their courtyard scenes were filmed. Squeeee!
xoxo Gossip Girl

And then more gluttonous food. Wild boar burger at Bare Burger. Mmmmm.

When we got home, I facetimed with Ollie (and Kyle). She kept looking at kyle and then the door because she couldn't understand why she was hearing mom but I wasn't there. Sadsies. :(

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