Thursday, April 17, 2014


My Vegas getaway began with some incredible travel anxiety (horrendous trip home from NYC, I blame you), and an hour delay. On a 9:30pm, 3 hour flight. Ugh. By the time I made my way to the hotel, it was 12:30 Vegas time, and 2:30am back home. I knew Dom was napping since she'd woken up super early to snag her flight, and had been at her work conference all day, so I got a little nervous when she wasn't responding to my text. But I was persistent and eventually woke her up from her slumber. I quickly threw on a dress and we set out to find some food and maybe a drink.

We stumbled upon a Sprinkles ATM. I need one of these in my apartment. 

I snagged a slice of pizza from a random shop and then we found a spot next to a fountain to inhale our spoils.

We decided to walk around and find somewhere to grab a drink before we called it a night. Somehow that led to free passes to the nightclub The Bank in the Bellagio with promises of free drinks. Well, okay. I feel a little underdressed in my cutesy polka dotted dress that I wear to work, but let's do this. Dom was rockin' a Sunday church dress, so we were quite the pair compared to the Vegas gals.

We quickly learned that the free drink rumor was a lie, spent too much on a watered down drink, enjoyed some extensive people watching, and called it a night at the early time of 3am. Or 5am according to my body. 23 hours of being awake. Good night world

Dom woke up way too early to head to her conference and I tossed and turned for another hour before deciding that I needed to start my poolside vacation. Of course, after a night of tossing and turning, my hair looked better than it did when we went out, so I had to photo document its awesomeness. The dry heat of Vegas really agrees with my frizzy follicles, let me tell ya.

Rough Monday right here. 

Dom texted me a little before lunch time that she was feeling really sick, and was going to come back to the hotel for a nap. We decided to grab some lunch first. We ended up at the Bellagio Cafe. Yum.

This garden smelled like heaven. And I want to be uber rich so I can afford to have fresh flowers around me ALL THE TIME.

Cucumber Martini to start the day? Don't mind if I do. Plz ignore the sweaty/sunscreened hair and appearance.

I told Dom that I was teasing Kyle about going to the Thunder Down Under show while I was in Vegas, so clearly she had to snap a pic of me in front of a Chippendale promo on a bus. Hand place was not intentional, but hilarious anyhow.

From there it was back to the pool for me until it was time to get ready for night number two. Stay tuned for the sequin sequel.

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