Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Goal Race Training Recap Week 4

Monday: glute strengthening exercises while watching the Boston Marathon coverage on my laptop.
Tuesday: rest day.

Wednesday: Track party with Jenn! Mile repeats in to some monster wind. The best part of running on the track is you only have to run in to the wind for 1/4 at a time. Yay. I felt incredibly in control during the repeats, and that I had more speed in my legs to give. My goal paces were 8:35, but my last 5k was 8:26 pace, so I let my pace slip down a little bit to reflect that. I pushed a little bit during the final 200m of the final repeat to hit that 8:17. And I could've done more (that NEVER happens to me during mile repeats. Mile repeats=death).
Thursday was another rest day.

Friday I meant to do a short shakeout run, but that never happened. I did do my glute strengthening exercises and core work.

Saturday was the River Rat Half Marathon.

Sunday I stretched, foam rolled, did glute exercises and ab work. And watched excessive amounts of Downton Abbey. Which could be considered a workout.

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