Friday, April 4, 2014

March in Review and Goals Check In

March in Review

Total Miles: 52.2 down from 80.2 last month. Up from 8 last March. What?!?! I ran 8 miles last March. Wow.
Total Time: 9:14:21 down from 14:38:26 last month. 
Total Runs: 7 runs, for an average of 7.46 miles per run. 1 run last March.  
Highest weekly mileage: 3/3-3/9 19 miles. :/
Favorite run: This past weekend's 10 miler with Jenn. It was gorgeous weather, we ran some 3 minute pickups, and pushed the last mile for a faster finish. My fastest paced long run since last fall, probably.

Most hardcore run: Ugh, the 14 miler from hell. It was super windy, had warmed up slightly so there was a ton of melting, but still a ton of ice and snow and lots of jumping up from the trail on to a snow bank, shuffling on ice. I felt like I ran a marathon, I was so sore after.

Favorite race: Free Rebel 5k. I ran a really strong race and had good mental composure (which I always lack).

Bike Miles: 12! I biked! To and from work! The day before a blizzard! SoDak your weather is whack.

Favorite Jam: Jason Derulo's Talk Dirty to Me makes me want to get my booty moving.  

March Goals

Wow, I feel like I did even worse on my goals this month. Let's check in, shall we?

  • Hit 100 miles for the month.--Ugh not even close. I had a major sinus infection week 1, ran a 14 miler while still sick at the end of week 2, felt like I ran a marathon I was so sore, spent week 2 recovering, raced a 5k, was so busy recovering/packing/traveling to NYC that I only ran the half marathon, and then I was too sore to run while still in NYC (which is a major bummer because I wanted to run in Central Park!), and then was treated with the flu on my way home.
  • Try a new recipe. I got groceries on Sunday with ingredients for 3 new recipes! So this'll be a check mark momentarily.
  • Track food intake and exercise on at least 5 days a week. I do really good with tracking when I'm running, as you can see by my above excusefest, I wasn't running much so I didn't track either. 
  • Use cuticle oil daily. Eh.... 50/50
  • STOP CHEWING YOUR CUTICLES. Yay! I was also on vacation for a week, so I was much less stressed than normal.
  • Wear green to work everyday. Boom.
  • Photo document green outfits. I think I missed one or 2.
  • Read the 2014 Printz Award winning book--Midwinterblood.
  • Watch two of the Oscar best picture nominated movies.--Gravity & Dallas Buyers Club
  • Run a strong half in New York.--Eh. I ran as hard as I could given the day, but I wouldn't consider it to be strong.
  • Get a few pounds closer to my racing weight. Down another couple. Thanks to Susan for making me walk my ass of (probably literally) in NYC, and that flu bug probably didn't hurt.
  • Go ice skating. I couldn't bring myself to spend the $50 to skate at Rockefeller rink in NYC. Next winter!
  • Get a massage. "Oh wow you're really tight through the hip area." Uh... yeah, that's what I told you when I walked in....

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