Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Precious

On a long run with Jenn, she was telling me the tale of her garmin watch strap breaking a few days prior, and her quick fix to superglue it back together. Moments later, I realized I was horrifically overdressed for the run and asked if we could pause for a minute so I could shed some layers. I went to unlatch my garmin to remove it from over the top of my long sleeve, when the garmin strap snapped.

Mere minutes after Jenn's tale.

Later on our run, I gave a mini cheer to a solo runner chick who we had seen at two different spots of our oppositely ran out and back (does that make sense? I don't think so....) and Jenn commented that she loves when people cheer for her. I said that sometimes when I feel like I'm on the brink of death of a bonkfest long run, just a thumbs up will give me another mile's worth of fuel, so I like to do the same thing.

As this conversation ended, we rounded a corner, and an older gentleman started hooting and hollering for us asking how far we were going and telling us we were awesome.

I then asked for one million dollars to be waiting in my car for me when I finished my run.

I guess the third time wasn't the charm in this instance.

After I got home, I inspected my watch and realized that instead of the pin or the strap itself breaking (which is replaceable and fixable) it's actually the plastic part that holds this in place that snapped. Well, poop.

I had been planning on getting a new garmin when marathon training started in June as the battery on my 405 had some issues with long-long runs last fall in training, especially when it was overcast. I read roughly a trillion reviews and 20 page blog reviews and went with the 610.

Isn't she lovely????

Isn't she wonderful?

Isn't she precious??

This garmin is definitely a she, unlike my previous man-watch. My old garmin was named Garmin the Martian, but I rarely referred to it as such, but this one just looks like a Priscilla, right? And then when she's being sassy I can refer to her as Miss Priss. Obvs.

Priscilla, let's make some running magic.


J. FORD said...

One early Sunday morning run, I had an old guy clap for me as I ran by him as he was getting his morning paper, and it was that extra boost I needed and it gave me a smile!

danielle said...

amazing name. she'll do you good (she better! )