Thursday, April 24, 2014

Goal Race Training Recap Week 3

Monday was a rest day as I had to teach a class before work and got really confused as to what time I had to be there, thus cutting out time for a few quick miles.

Tuesday I met up with Jenn after work for a tempo run. I had seven miles on the schedule with five at a tempo pace of 9. I told Jenn that I usually try to run a little over tempo for mile one and make it up the rest of the miles. We started off with a 1.5 mile warm up and we were off. I had warned her beforehand that I wouldn't be my usual talkative self on this run since I'd be busy gasping for air. But I was just fine, shockingly. We didn't talk as much as we normally do, but I wasn't dying as anticipated.

When we hit the turnaround she started running ahead of me and then doubling back, and I told her that I was fine chasing her. I didn't want to push faster than 9 pace because I'm still working up my tempo mileage (this was my longest tempo run since..... Brookings half training 2 years ago?) and I wanted her to get in some miles at her tempo pace. I didn't let her get too far ahead of me and tried to chase her during the final mile. Turns out she was running an 8:30 pace, so it's not surprising that I couldn't catch her, but I felt like I was flying with an 8:41.

Most importantly, as speed work tends to break me, I didn't feel any pain during the run, immediately after, or the next day. Score one for the legs getting stronger (hopefully). I think we have a date for next Tuesday at the track. I shall refer to this as Operation: Slow No Mo'. I think of the wittiest things when my brain is deprived of oxygen.

Wednesday I took another rest day because it was atrocious out. Snow? Again? Really?? I'm over you.

Thursday I hit some residential area near-ish to me because it's the only flat route from my place with the intention of running 3-5. I ended up somewhere in the middle with 4. I'm glad I got in a recovery run because my legs didn't feel very springy. There were a ton of kids out playing basketball and I was reminded of my first love. Ahhh..... #ballerforlyfe

Friday's long run I had intended on waking up early for and finishing up before lunch time. From noon on the forecast had giant wind clouds with mouths blowing for the remainder of the day. In typical Jerbear procrastination fashion, I did indeed wake up early, which is a magical feat as it was my first day off in 8 straight days of work. Blech. But I putz around until 11:30am, aka the time the winds started being all whoooooshy. I took Ollie out before I headed out and almost blew away. Yuck.

The run started off awesome.  The first mile was with the wind and I was flying. I did 3 minute pickups every 20 minute to work on some speedier sections on fatigued legs. The first half flew by, even though it was 95% into the wind. I kept telling myself I would put up with it and then have it at my back for the turn around. Except, naturally the wind shifted to the south around the time that I turned around so I didn't have a nice little push behind me, and ended up having to run my exhausted self in to 25-40 mph winds. Uff.

I did well until mile 10 when I was just plain wiped. I ate PB toast at 8am when I woke up, as I planned to run at 9:30 or 10, so I was probably starting the run on empty. Ugh. I ended up taking walk breaks during the last 5k, and it reminded me of the marathon where the last 5k is the LONGEST 5K IN THE HISTORY OF ALL 5KS. But at least I finished it up.

Sunday I snuck in the slowest of slow 3 mile shake out runs. I think I even took a walk break. My legs felt great working on Saturday and somehow that switched to d-e-a-d on Sunday. Derp.

27 miles for the week. One of the highest mileage weeks I've had since before my 7 week sinus issues/cold/whatever. Whoop!

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