Friday, July 11, 2014

2014 Goals Check In

It's halfway through the year, so it's time to do a quick check in on my 2014 goals!


  • Marathon PR. I'm not going to sign up for another marathon until my current training indicates that a sub-4 will be in my cards. I'm hoping that will be the case late this spring when I'm tentatively planning to register for marathon #7! 
    • I'll take my one and only crack at a marathon PR in October!
  • Half Marathon PR. This spring I'm shooting for ~3 half marathon races. Since our weather can be incredibly fickle in the spring (and the fall, and the winter, and the summer....) I want to have options as to deciding what my A race is since I know that certain weather conditions destroy me. I have a lot of work to do to make this a reality over the next few months!
    • Not yet. Going to make an attempt in August in Fargo.
  • 10k PR. There's a 10k in May and June that I'm planning on doing. If I'm in speedy shape, I would like to see this 3 year old (OMG) PR fall.
    • After the 4th of July race, I'm less than 90 seconds off!
  • Be in L-O-V-E love with running.
    • YES!
  • Run and race with friends.
    • Yay! Jenn J and I have been running together and race planning, and I have a race weekend planned with Jenn and Megan!
  • Make some new running friends to add to the group. 
    • Working on it!
  • Run with speedier, intimidating folks to force me to run harder (Jacqueline, this means I will hopefully finally take you up on your long run offers!)
    • Jenn is speedier so it's helpful to run speedwork with her!
  • Run a 200 mile month.
    • Ha. Not even close. September might be the month.
  • Hit a 50 mile training week while not in marathon training. (I'd like to try higher mileage training for my spring halfs, as long as my body is up for it!)
    • Well, my body wasn't up for it.
  • Run a 60 mile week, either in training or not.
    • And I'm peaking at 52-55 for the marathon, so nope!
  • Do a month long run streak. This summer before marathon training starts? Next November? December? Hmm...
    • November? December? Still TBD.
  • Run more miles than 2013 AND 2012.
    • ~400 at the end of June!


  • Stay healthy.
    • So far so good!
  • Chiro and/or massage BEFORE "when necessary". ie: already broken. Maintenance > Repairing.
    • I did one massage so far. I definitely need to plan for some as my mileage builds!
  • Do hip stretches and exercises on the reg.
    • Yes!
  • Eat healthier. Cook more. Bulk up the delicious recipe stash.
    • Yes!
  • Bike another half century.
    • Might do an unofficial one this summer.
  • Continue with stuff OTHER THAN running (ie: strength training, fitness videos, yoga, etc.)
    • Eh. Fail.
  • Do abwork year round, not just in the summer when abs make an appearance.
    • Yes!
  • Make 100 pushups/day, every other day, a "thing" not just a one time thing.  (I did this on my birthday as it was on my 101 in 1001 list. It felt pretty good and Kyle did it with me!) Caveat: They were girl pushups, but I'd definitely like to work up to ALL regular pushups. It'll take some work though. My girl Jillian has helped over the past month. I wouldn't have been able to do 100 girl ones without doing the 30 day shred, that's for sure. Captain of the T Rex arms team over here!
    • Eh. Fail. 


  • Read 200 books.
    • 106 books read.
  • Attempt NaNoWriMo again. Spend some time in October doing NaNoWriMoPrep!
  • Pay off a good portion of my grad school loans.
    • Doing work.
  • Save money for a house down-payment. 
    • Uh, see above. -->Grad school loans.
  • Earn a promotion.
    • YES!
  • Take a trip with Kyle, even for the weekend.
    • Plans for Labor Day weekend.
  • Adopt a pug brother or sister for Ollie (maybe....Housing sitch dependent).
    • Still TBD.

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