Thursday, July 31, 2014

50k Craziness

Around the time that Krista was first training for and running ultra marathons, and subsequently writing race reports that literally moved me to tears, I said to myself, "self, you should do one of those."

This was a few years back, so I slated my 31st year of life as a natural time to do a 50k. I did my first marathon when I was 26, so it's only fitting that I'd do 31 miles as a 31 year old.

Well, if you follow my blog, you know that I've struggled with injuries. My one caveat for my likely one and done ultra (famous last words? perhaps) was that I didn't want to start to train for one with a healthy year behind me.

Recently I was flipping through facebook, and a 50k in Nebraska, Market to Market 50k, popped up in my feed along with a training program. I was curious about what the training looked like, so I clicked away. And it didn't seem.... terrible. A 22 miler, 24 miler, and 26 miler each followed by 60-90 minutes of running the following day.... Definitely challenging, but possibly doable.

I sent a quick text to Dominique, as we're constantly trying to plan out a running weekend of fun, and I knew she'd be up for a 50k, because she adores ultras. Naturally she said she'd be in.

Would you do a marathon as a training run at long run pace for the 26 mile day? How in the world would you be able to run 26 miles without getting a medal at the end? I think the Omaha Marathon would fall on that day. Maybe I can also convince Niki to join in the fun....

So maybe 2015 is the year of the ultra? Stay tuned!

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Susan said...

I've thought about doing 50k for my 31st year...let me know what you find!