Friday, July 4, 2014

June in Review + Goals

June in Review

Total Miles: 73.8 up from 61.5 last month.  Up from 48.3 last June. 

Total Time:  12:28:22 up from 9:57:55 last month. 

Total Runs:  12 for an average of 6.15 miles each run.

Highest weekly mileage: 6/2-6/8 24.8 miles 4:00:18

Favorite run: A fairly effortless and somewhat speedy hilly run.

Most hardcore run: Tempo run in 90% humidity.

Favorite race: Swan Lake Half Marathon.

Bike Miles: 23 miles with Jenn. Biked to the bike trail (not fun) and then around the bike trail (mostly fun except for the really congested parts).

Favorite Jam: none really. any suggestions??

June Goals

  • Run 100+ miles. I missed a couple of workouts (including a 16 miler, womp) that would've put me over the edge. 
  • Run three two long runs as scheduled. My schedule was revised for the Swan Lake half marathon, so I ended up having a race, recovery week, and two long runs. Fail. Random Saturday night fun destroyed my chances of completing (or even starting) my second LR of the month.

  • Do one fast finish LR. Only did one LR and it was so hot I thought I'd die if I did anything more than just "run, try not to die".
  • Do one LR with 3 minute pickups every 20 minutes. See above. ^
  • Run all three speed sessions as scheduled. 2/3! Not being able to coordinate my schedule with my running buddy for these has sucked. Having all city track meets on my preferred track on the preferred night to to run then hasn't helped. /excuses No track meets in July=no excuses!
  • Run my 2nd fastest 10k in Harrisburg. Sub 52??  I wrote this goal post prior to signing up for the half marathon the weekend before. I did run my 2nd fastest half marathon in the past 2 years.
  • Watch 2 Oscar Best Picture Nominees.
  • Every other day core work, hip stretches, and drills. Wahoo! Added in glute stuff before every run as well.
  • 2 buddy runs.
    • Do a run with a buddy other than Jenn! Operation: more running buddies! *cough* Megan *cough* :)
  • Make 2 new meals using my veggie box ingredients. I made an awesome kale salad instead of just defaulting to kale chips. And fell in love with kohlrabi. Mmmmm. Veggie box win. I also made quinoa and veggie stuffed peppers with a bunch of the veggies inside my CSA box. So good! Even Kyle ate it. 3! I made 3 recipes! I went above and beyond on this goal! hah.
  • Rework budget.

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