Thursday, July 3, 2014

Firecracker 10k Race Goals

I've debated all week about running tomorrow's race. Kyle and I have plans to go to his parents' cabin for the fourth of July weekend, and if I decided to bag the race, we could go up Thursday after work and have almost a whole additional day of fun. So I decided to let the weather decide my fate.

Lo and behold, a cold front pushed through midway through this week. Rumor has it, it was 47 degrees last night (=heaven). And Friday's forecast is mid- to low 60s. Insanely humid, and windy. But 60s! So I guess I'm racing.

Kyle is thrilled.

I solicited advice from running friends much of today to help me form my race goals and they are something as follows:

  • PGSPR. Currently my PGSPR (Post-grad school PR) is 55:17.
  • Course PR. I ran this race in 2011 (and crashed and burned). I ran a 54:14. I ran a 3 minute positive split, or something ridiculous like that. I just re-read my race report and laughed like a hyena. Enjoy that here.
  • Sub 53. This is Kyle's prediction. 

10k from 2011

5k from 2010

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