Thursday, July 24, 2014


JazzFest is an annual free three day music festival put on by the Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues Society. Kyle and I usually go at least one of the nights. Friday night was out because I was getting up before the sun to run, so Saturday night it was!

We met up with Jenn and her husband, and we both lamented our stupid footwear choices (she ran her first 20 miler Saturday!).

We hung out up in the front for the first few songs of Joe Clark Jr. and then decided we'd rather sit. My feet tend to swell really easily when I stand a lot, and it's way worse when I'm had a tough or long run. Squishy feet... so hot.

We managed to track down my mom and cousin so we pulled up squares of grass next to them.

And then it was time to replenish 18 miles worth of running.

Wisconsin deep fried cheese curds? You had me at cheese.

Blurry pic, but pure happiness.

I had a hard time deciding between a rootbeer/strawberry/grape/orange float, but went with the orange dreamsicle. It was amazing, even if the ice cream to pop ratio was severely lacking.

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