Thursday, July 17, 2014

5k Series

My co-worker started running about a month ago, so I'm constantly on the look out for a 5k for her to run in the future. This has proved difficult because we work opposite Saturdays of each other, and I'd like to be there to run and cheer her on as well. Also, my legs can't hack racing a 5k one day and doing a monster long run the next day. That's asking for injury city.

But while I was searching, I noticed there's a 5k series that a college is putting on that has 3 different 5k races on Tuesday evenings in July and August. It's $50 for the series or $20 for each race. And I have to admit.... I'm intrigued.

I've never ran a series of races before. And I know racing a 5k during marathon training isn't all that beneficial. But I'm wondering if the 5k races could be my speed work substitute on those weeks. Hmmm. I also think running a few 5ks a couple of weeks apart will remind me what running really hard feels like, and also serve to remind me that it won't kill me. Mental toughness points, if you will.


And now some throw back pics to the summer I did 5 5ks in a four week span.

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Susan said...

After spacing out races for all these years, it's strange to think about to high school when we raced on Thursdays and Saturdays most weeks. We ran only 2.5 miles (my goodness, that sounds so short these days), but we raced! So interesting to look back at now...I can't imagine racing two 5ks week after week!