Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bemidji Blue Ox Marathon Training Recap Week 3

Monday I slept in too late to run, so Tuesday I had to wake up super early to do my speed work session. I planned to race on Friday so I needed to get it done earlier in the week than normal to ensure my legs were recovered.

I had 3x1600 repeats on the schedule with 800 m jog in between each one, as well as a one mile warm up and cool down. It was a gorgeously cool morning and my paces reflect that. A bunch of high school boys showed up during my final lap for conditioning, so I cut my cool down to a quarter of a mile and called it a day. 

Fastest repeats so far! Whoop!

Thursday I did a short shake out run with some striders.

Friday I raced the Lennox Firecracker 10k (race report here), after a half mile warm up jog.

Saturday morning Kyle's mom accompanied me on my recovery run around the lake on her bike. It was awesome to have some company because it took my mind off the fact that my legs felt like junk for the first mile.

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