Thursday, April 30, 2015

Balancing Yoga + Running

At the beginning of March I was reinvigorated to add running back into my life. The weather turned nice, spring races were just around the corner, and I finally felt like I had a handle on my injuries (not to mention I had a new sparkly engagement ring on my finger and extra motivation to look really good for our fall wedding!). I ran a few times and then yoga teacher training started and whoa. Running took a back burner. In addition to the weekends of training, we also have to attend 30 yoga classes with approved instructors, observe 10 yoga classes with approved instructors, assist with 10 yoga classes with approved instructors, and teach 6 free yoga classes to friends/family members.

Can you say overwhelmed?

Running again took a back seat because, whoa commitment overload!

Now that teacher training is over half over (three weekends left!) I think I'm ready to start adding running back in to the routine!

I'm signed up for a 10k in seven weeks, and with zero running base, this could be interesting. I looked at my current fitness class schedule and tried to figure out what would work best. Clearly running running running doesn't do good things to my body, so I need to figure out what combination of running/yoga/strength training keeps me healthy.

For now, my plan is to run three days a week. One easy run on Mondays, one speedier run on Wednesdays (preferably with the running group! I missed those guys!), and then a "long run" on Friday or Saturday depending on my schedule for the week. Since I'm training for a 10k, my long runs will be 4-7 miles, so that should be easy to fit in without tweaking my yoga and fitness class schedule too much. Yoga teacher training weekends will prove to be a challenge though.

Wish me luck!

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