Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Weekly Training Recap

Monday I skipped my usual gentle vinyasa class to instead sit in and observe the class. As part of my yoga teacher training requirements, I need to take 30 classes with approved teachers (nbd), observe 10 classes with approved teachers (eeps!), and assist 10 classes with approved teachers (double eeps!). I figured I should get going on the requirements. However, after spending 18 hours in the yoga studio throughout the weekend, it felt like I hadn't left when I rolled in Monday morning!

Tuesday I was grumpy so I skipped my weekly barre date with Emily. Wednesday I had to go to work early for training, so I was able to go to a 5:30pm barre class. The class was taught by one of my yoga teacher training classmates. She's a fairly new instructor, and she ROCKED the class. It was so amazing and hard.

Friday I had the day off from work so I did a lunchtime shake and flow class: 30 minutes of barre followed by 30 minutes of vinyasa flow. I love these classes because it's easier for me to push myself really hard in the first 30 minutes knowing I don't have to "save myself" for a full 60 minutes of class.

Later in the day, I went to a power vinyasa flow class. It was awesome and I left dripping in sweat with a smile on my face and a song for Kyle and I to walk down the aisle to (more on that later).

I hope you all had a hoppy Easter!

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