Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekly Training Recap

After a very long weekend of teacher training with lots of practice teaching and practice-practicing, my muscles were dead when I left for Vegas. I took Monday off from working out. I did search out yoga classes while I was there, but the only ones on the strip coincided with when Dominique was done with her conference each day, so I passed.

Tuesday morning I spent 45 minutes practicing the surya namaskar A and B sequences, as well as the section of the master flow (we're required to teach a specific flow at the end of training) that I had to practice teach on Sunday. I managed to work up a decent sweat in our cool hotel room and realized how easy it is to rely on the stickiness of your mat for various lunging poses instead of really engaging the whole part of your foot. Yoga on carpet is hard.

Then I went and laid by the pool. Ha.

Wednesday was a full travel day full of delays and hellacious flights. Thursday I ended up sleeping in opted to skip the sculpt class I was signed up for, because I wanted to be fresh for another weekend of yoga teacher training (this is our only back to back weekend of training and since it normally takes me ~4 days to recover, I was kind of concerned!).

Friday I had big intentions of getting back to Ashtanga yoga at 5:30am. So much that I was up at 4:45. However, after laying around for 30 minutes with a terrible stomach ache, I just went back to bed.

After work I attended a mandala class. It was really unique and very earthly spiritual, if that makes sense. It was also incredibly hard. I had a hard time focusing on the class, which didn't help.

Saturday we started our day with a yoga flow designed around the psoas. It was incredibly hard because my psoas is incredibly tight, but I felt amazing after.

Sunday we started the day of teacher training with an hour flow from the studio owner's master flow series that she learned back when she was doing teacher training.

And to finish the day we did some practice teaching with our master flow series. And I got to teach a section of it! Whoop. 

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