Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fall Race Plans

I've had tentative fall race plans in the works for some while now. Kyle and I had been talking about a fall wedding as far back as October. But it's hard to set a wedding date when you're not yet engaged, amiright? So there were a few races chilling on my race calendar with a big ol' question mark over their heads waiting for some plans to be solidified.

Well, in case you missed the news, Kyle and I got engaged on March 1st, and wedding plans are in full swing. Since a date has been finalized (wahoo!) I have the full go ahead to plan my racing schedule. Phew! I don't think we'll be honeymooning immediately following the wedding, so that should lead to maximum fall race training!

This fall, I plan to race the Sioux Falls Half Marathon for the 11th consecutive time (!) on September 13th. I'm also planning to run the Good Life Halfsy in Lincoln, NE on November 1st. I'm hoping that we'll get some nice and cool fall weather and I'll be able to capitalize on that. I'll also get to spend some time with Niki and her freakin' adorable boys! There's a half mid-October in Fargo that I like to do, but I'm currently scheduled to work that Saturday. If I could wiggle things around a bit, I may also consider that.

Yoga teacher training should wrap up the end of June, so I'll be able to dive right into training for fall races, and I'm super excited! I think the best thing I could've done for my running was taking a mental and physical break from it! And certainly the stretching and strengthening I've been focusing on haven't hurt the cause at all.

Can't wait to get back into my running shoes more regularly!

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Susan said...

Putting the Sioux Falls half/marathon on the brain for potential fall races...I hear there's a brewery out that way we need to check out!