Monday, April 27, 2015

Vegas Recap Day Two

Monday morning, I slept in until 8am (ha!) and eventually made my way to poolside with iced latte and fruit in hand. It was really nice in the morning, and I spent a good hour and a half by the pool. I reapplied sunscreen 2x during this 90 minute period and still left the pool looking a little red. Harumph.

I don't know why, but I'm obsessed with palm trees. They're just so pretty.

I met up with Dominique for lunch and we wandered around for a little bit before ending up at Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen + Bar.

And then I ordered the most delicious sounding burger of my life: bacon mac and cheese burger. 


Shockingly, the real star of the show was the fries! They were seasoned to perfection and I didn't leave a single one behind on my plate. 

When I came back to the hotel room, the last thing I wanted to do was lay by the pool showing off my burger and fry baby, plus it started to get HOT. 90+ degrees and I'm sweating, dry heat or not! I hung out in our room for a little bit and eventually made it back out poolside for maybe 30 minutes.

I showered up and before too long Dominique was back and we were ready for dinner!

One of those silly selfie sticks would've really come in handy during this trip. Surely they would've had one at the NABS conference, right?

Since Dominique has a newfound interest in sushi, we made our way to Nobu for dinner. We tried a few different things and finally left a meal not being stuffed to the gills.

Since we weren't stuffed from dinner, obviously we had to seek out dessert. At Serendipity 3.

Dominique got something boring, so I ordered the fried twinkie sundae and made her help me with it.
So good, I can't even handle it. I actually wish I could have a bite right now. With the two of us eating it, we didn't even level it off to the portion under the top of the glass rim. 

We had grand plans to go out and enjoy the night life in Vegas, but our food coma led us back to our rooms for an "early" night in. Yay for being responsible adults!

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