Monday, April 13, 2015

Ideal Day

Two Fridays ago I had the most perfect day. I had the day off from work because I had to work on Saturday and I had ZERO plans. Between work, yoga teacher training, and wedding planning I haven't had a "free day" in over a month, and this introvert needed a day to recharge her batteries! As the day went on I realized how amazing the day was and decided I would share it, especially after the hellacious work week that proceeded it. I was due for a good one!

Ollie and I started the day by sleeping in until 8am. Bonus points for the fact that I wasn't woken up by Kyle's alarm (and subsequent snooze alarm) when those rung before the sun was up. Ollie and I brewed some coffee and settled in for snuggles on the couch. I feel bad that I've been so on the go lately, because Ollie misses her days with me and I miss her sweet little face.

She snuggled like this while I finished the book I have been working through about chakras. More on that later, I think.

How she can be that sleepy after a full 8 hours of sleep is beyond me.

I've been meditating a lot in the past couple of months, and spent a good chunk of my morning practicing that. Ollie wanted to meditate too, so I lent her my purple mala beads. Of course she looks divine.

Late in the morning I got ready to take a Shake and Flow class--30 minutes of barre followed by 30 minutes of yoga. I'm really loving barre classes and am seeing some great definition in places I've never really had muscle before, but man these classes are tough! I like this class format because I can push myself a lot harder in 30 minutes knowing that the tough part will be over soon! I had a new-to-me instructor, and she led us through a really hard class. The instructors swapped out for the yoga portion, and I was reminded of a song I listened to on repeat a few years back, while holding pigeon pose. 

After class, I went to the grocery store and was really thankful I had the day off and no timeline of where I had to be, because traffic was insane. Apparently everyone within a 60 mile drive was in town getting groceries for Easter. Derp. I will say that samples are very much appreciated following a fitness class! I was able to fill up on some fresh fruits and veggies because our broken fridge is fixed! Wahoo! Then I hit our city's equivalent of Whole Foods and had a deliciously expensive salad. Hashtag eat yo greens.

Shortly after I made it home and had groceries put away, it was time to head back to the yoga studio for class number two. I got to catch up with a yoga teacher training classmate before class (really quietly, of course) and had a really awesomely sweaty flow. Two-thirds of the way through class, I heard an instrumental version of one of Kyle's favorite songs and almost started crying as I pictured us walking down the aisle as that music played. Immediately after class I rushed the instructor for artist information. <3

After yoga, I picked up some sushi to go and some macaroons because how can you go downtown and not pick up macaroons? Answer: you can't. I meant to take photos of the deliciousness, but nom. Sorry.

Ollie and I finished our day by snuggling on the couch while I finished a book, and we waited for Kyle to come home. I had him listen to the song from yoga class, and that sent us on a 90 minute search for other sweet instrumental versions of our favorite songs. 

Sometimes the simplest days are the sweetest.

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