Friday, February 24, 2017

Current Obsessions

It's no secret that I have an obsessive personality. When I'm into something I'm into it 110%. That's usually a great thing! But I suppose sometimes it's not. Here are some things I'm currently obsessed with:
  • Westworld
    • I have been counting down months to the next HBO free weekend through my cable provider. I had been hearing so much about Westworld that I couldn't wait to watch. I had purposely avoided much about the plot so I was super confused when I started it, but that confusion quickly moved to intrigue.
  •  The Oscars
    • For the past three years, myself and two girlfriends have purchased an Oscar movie pass from our theater. This pass allows us to attend all of the Oscar movies and the shorts leading up to the Oscars. The first year, the movies were showed over the course of ten days. So easy to get through the 8-10 movies! Last year (and this year) they are one week prior. Which leads to many evenings of double features, leaving the theater well after midnight, and multiple movie showings on Saturday and Sunday. And then MORE sitting during the actual Oscars. I can't see any other movies throughout the year because my back and butt still have PTSD from all of the sitting.
  • Running with friends
    • I've never been big into running with friends. When I've been in good enough shape to run and talk at the same thing (seriously, this is a thing!) I usually had pretty strict training plans I was following and felt like it was life or death that I hit X:XX pace for a run. Not really condusive for having someone join you on said run. But lately. Lately! You'll be hard-pressed to find me running solo, ever! It's so much fun to run with friends, and in making plans to run with people I'm less likely to bail on my runs which is even better. Accountability? Yes please!
  • Building my base mileage
    •  I have been having a lot of fun building up my weekly mileage, keeping my pace nice and slow and steady, and still seeing my "easy" paces drop over the course of the last two months. It's given me just enough inspiration to keep on it, knowing that once I start adding in speedwork I really have a chance to work my way back to paces I used to run regularly.

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