Friday, February 3, 2017

January in Review

January in Review

Total Miles: 72.4 up from 27.3 last month. Up from 9.1 miles last January.

Planned Miles: 90

Total Time:  12:48:40 up from 5:08:41 last month. 

Total Runs: 13

Highest weekly mileage:
1/23/2017 – 1/29/2017:20.5 mi3:31:05
Favorite run: Ten mile long run with 3 minute pickups every 20 minutes. Felt like a unicorn run for me. Felt waaaaaay easier than it should and that I could've kept going. YES!

Most hardcore run: Since I was in full on base building mode, I didn't have many runs with real workouts in them. I will say that I ran in some pretty hardcore conditions, including running in below zero temps, and then running in -15 temps on sidewalks that were full of ice and snow, and we still got in 5 miles! #bapoints

Favorite race: Too Cold to Hold Half (race report to come!)

Bike Miles: 0

Favorite Jam: Still jammin' on Panic at the Disco.

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