Thursday, February 23, 2017

DFW Trip Day 3

Monday morning was my last full day in Fort Worth. How did this happen already? I feel like I just got here! I slept in a little bit and Dom got her kiddos off to school, and then we had a coffee date at a super cute cafe.

And we wondered around doing some shopping, more window shopping than anything, and I snapped a ton of pictures of interior ideas for our house. I could've dropped some serious $$$$ on fun stuff, including a gorgeous green velvet couch. I mean.... that needs to belong in my living room, right?!?

After striking out at half a dozen lunch spots (turns out every place is closed on Mondays! good to know!) we finally found a great spot. But they served delicious pizzas. And as good as they looked, I had to pass (shocker) and get a beet salad and butternut squash ravioli. Oh mah gawd. So good. Hands down the best meal of the trip! 

Sometimes you have to pull over and take a apple watch self-timed photo in front of some sweet artwork. 

I got to go pick up the kids from school with Dom, and their excited faces to see us was almost enough to convince me that maybe I want a kid too. Maybe. Dominique coordinated a sitter for the night, so we went out for some happy hour drinks. And I was the last person on the planet to try a moscow mule. Yum. After I had yet another Texas beer.

I could've sat and stared at this light thing all night long. Oh did I mention that we sat outside for happy hour? Because it was that gorgeous out? Yeah it was.

After dinner we made our way down to the Stockyards to take some quick photos.

Tuesday morning we were finally able to go to the restaurant we had tried, and failed to go to two previous times on the trip. It was so very worth the wait I can't even tell you.

My coffee date is cuter than your coffee date.

This breakfast, right?!?
And just like that I was heading back home. :(


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