Friday, February 10, 2017

DFW Trip Part 1

I arrived in DFW after monstrous delays. Never have I been so thankful for a direct flight and not having to be concerned about missing my connection. I was treated to a gorgeous sunset as I arrived, and the iphone photo through a misty/dirty window doesn't do it justice.

Dominique was at the airport to pick me up and since it was several hours after dinner, she rushed me off to a delicious mexican restaurant and we met her husband there.
We went to bed pretty early and Dominique let me know that if we wanted to get in a shake out run on Saturday morning we'd have to go by 6am. Gulp. It's my vacation gurl! Somehow I got up and at 'em and she took me on a (HILLY!) tour of her 'hood. It was pitch black the whole time and hilly (did I mention hilly?). My legs felt like garbage and I called it good at 2 miles. Shake out run CHECK. Confidence boosting run.... No.

We loaded up the kids after a shower and breakfast to head over to Dallas. We met up with my family to have some lunch before my nephew's basketball game. Oh just normal aunt activities, catching my nephew's weekend basketball game, look at me! The food was good, and it was great to see my family, and apparently my phone stayed in my purse the whole time because I have zero photos. Fail.
Harrison's team won their basketball game, and it went down to the wire. Uff da. My brother lives right next to the race start and packet pick up so he was a gem and grabbed all of that fun stuff for me.

After that Dom trekked us back to Fort Worth to take in the Water Gardens.
So beautiful! But disorienting. The way they were falling down the stairs gave you that weird impression that you were somehow falling, or rising? I'm not really sure. But they were pretty. We had a lot of fun taking pictures with the kiddos.

I'm pretty much obsessed with Dom's kids. I think I even asked if Cheyenne could come back to South Dakota with me. She's the sweetest. We played a math game together on Sunday night! She loves dresses! We're too peas in a pod man.

After our water garden tour we went downtown Ft. Worth (I think....) to find some dinner.

Me and my new bestie Chey.

A beer and some pizza later...... I was carbed up and happy.

But we still had to stop and grab a mix and match six pack so I could enjoy a nice sampling of Texas beers throughout my visit. We'll not discuss the price tag on this six pack because #vacation, nor will we discuss that I left it on the trolley we took back to our vehicle, and had to wait at the trolley stop for 20 minutes with Dom's too small children late into the evening (9ish, but still!) while hoards of people were jumping on the trolley to head out and party. We won't mention that. Or the fact that I got them back, but a dude totally tried to say they were his. Turkey. And the children definitely weren't chanting, "we got the beer!" once we were successful in our venture. Remind me not to be a parent. Sorry Dom, and kids. :/

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Susan said...

Hahah best non-drunken story involving beer. Glad you successfully got it back!