Friday, February 17, 2017

Training Book Review: Faster Road Racing

This fall I was debating my upcoming running plans and knew I needed a challenge. Typically a challenge translates to marathon training for me, but when I stumbled on Faster Road Racing: 5K to Half Marathon I thought maybe I had found my challenge. I added it to my Christmas list from my in-laws, and on Christmas day I received the book, registration fee to my spring goal half, a new pair of running shoes, and resistance bands. IT'S A VERY MERRY RUNNER CHRISTMAS OVER HERE!! Thanks lovely inlaws.

I was excited to dive in. I had done variations of the Pfitz full training plan in the past (Danielle gifted it to me when we were working hard at our marathons, thanks Danielle <3). I ran my half marathon PR (still to this day) in the midst of full marathon training, and I also got injured doing this plan while training for the Bemidji Marathon.

There are some repetitive sections from this book to Advanced Marathoning, but it is such an essential book to have for road racers! I took my time reading through it while working through the eight week base building program. Many of my injuries in the past have come from adding speedwork when I don't have a strong enough base, or while I'm still adding mileage. I think I've now learned that's a recipe for disaster. I somehow got through the 8 weeks without thinking about having another 12 weeks on tap for my actual training which now makes it seem like I'm training for FIVE MONTHS for 13.1 miles, but whatever. If I can train for, and run the race healthy, it'll be worth it!

The book goes into detail about elements of training, recovery, strength training/plyos/yoga!, diet, masters runner info (which I earmarked for 7 years from now), and tapering.

The training section of the book has a breakdown of the schedules, several base building plans, training programs for 5k, 8k/10k, 15k/10 mile, half, and multiple race distances. These training programs start around 30 miles per week and some peak at 90-100 miles per week. Woof. Pfitz's training cycles are unique because he breaks down his training into mini cycles that have different focuses to improve your fitness. I like this because it keeps things fresh from week to week.

All of the training go off of heart rate training, which might not be for everybody but it should! I firmly believe in heart rate training.

I'm excited to see what I can do this spring with some lots of Pfitz miles under my belt!

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