Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Brookings Half Training Week 6

Week of March 27-April 2

Monday Planned: General Aerobic + Speed 8 miles 6x12 sec uphill, 6x100 m strides

Monday Actual: General Aerobic + Speed 8 miles 6x12 sec uphill, 6x100 m strides. Whoop whoop! In a tank top no less! There's something about these workouts that I love! To think about a week day 8 mile run sounds terrible, but throw in some little fun mini-workouts and it becomes fun and exciting!

Tuesday Planned: Endurance 6 Miles
Tuesday Actual: Six miles with Jordanne! I haven't ran with her in weeks and I missed her! We had to take a picture in our new matching SFWR hats, even though it was way too hot to run in them, so we left them behind. Speaking of too warm (!!) I was way over dressed in a long sleeve and pants. My heart rate monitor strap and shoes were still soaked from the sweat and humidity during Wednesday's run! I texted her Monday night and asked if we could please run this on the sloooooow end, maybe 11-11:15 pace, knowing I had a hard workout on Wednesday. But of course we talked too much and didn't pay attention at all to our pace and ran it in 10:30. Oops.

Wednesday Planned: VO2 Max 9 miles 6x1000 @ 3k-5k pace
Wednesday Actual: Woof. This was hard. It was raining, there were puddles, and 25 mph wind gusts. We warmed up one mile and then set to work. I told Toni I was shooting for 8:00-8:30 pace for the repeats, having not done any speed work in forever. The first one was in to the wind and so incredibly hard. I thought I was going to have to bail on the workout completely it felt so hard. And the first repeats pace was 8:43. Ugh. We recovered for the remainder of the mile (.08 walk break, and then .3 jog). Luckily the rest felt much stronger: 8:25 pace, 8:25 pace, 8:42 pace (back into the wind), 8:23 pace, 8:26 pace. We finished off running a cool down of two miles with the rest of the group run.

Followed by some yin yoga! I was absolutely miserable teaching yoga. I was soaked to the bone from sweat and rain and was chattering and freezing, so I taught class in a hoodie, totally normal. And when I sat down to stretch and foam roll before class I tweaked my knee. Crazy pressure behind my knee cap. Fingers crossed that it's nothing.....

Thursday Planned: General Aerobic 3 Miles
Thursday Actual: REST! My body needed it like crazy. Kyle and I had a date night, and I had plans to foam roll and take an epsom salt bath, but that turned into laying in bed and watching the first three episodes of The Americans!

Friday Planned: Rest/Cycling
Friday Actual: Rest. I had considered doing my long run here, but my knee was still being a little wonky.

Saturday Planned: Endurance 12 Miles
Saturday Actual: I had a sick baby girl at home, so no running for me. Poor pug bear. :(

Sunday Planned: Rest
Sunday Actual: More rest. Kyle didn't end up getting home until 9pm, and I was worried about leaving Ollie alone since she had been sick all weekend. :(

Total Mileage Planned: 38 miles
Total Mileage Actual:  23 miles

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