Friday, April 14, 2017

Hearts in the Sky

The holidays were really challenging this year, as expected. Whenever a close family member passes, they say the first holiday season is the hardest. I get my insane love of holidays from my mom, so it was certainly a challenge.

Leading up to Valentine's Day I got a little weepy as Facebook would remind me every other day leading up to the holiday that my mom has always sent me a Valentine's card. I realized this was the first year in 33 years that I wouldn't be getting one.

On my drive to work, I kept my eyes checking the sky. Sure that I would be able to find a heart shaped cloud somewhere sent from my mama. The skies were completely bare and brilliantly blue.

During my lunch break, my social media feed was full of a variation on the picture below. An unknown skywriter was drawing hearts in the sky for the holiday. <3 I know they weren't from my mom for me, but after spending the morning looking at the sky for some love, here it was.

It made a hard day a little less difficult.

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