Thursday, April 13, 2017

March in Review

March in Review

Total Miles: 89.5 miles up from 41.8 last month. Up from 27.5 miles last March.
Total Time: 15:34:11 up from 7:22:57 last month. 

Planned Miles: Eesh. I've gotten a new computer and am too lazy to look at my spreadsheet. I think 140. :/

Monthly Average Pace: 10:27 pace (10:36/mi in Feb.)

Total Runs: 14, average of 6.39 miles a run

Highest weekly mileage: 2/27-3/5 31 miles

Favorite run: Either the 4 mile recovery run with a much speedier pace than normal or a lactate threshold run with Toni. I HATE LT runs, so that's saying a lot.

Most hardcore run: VO2 Max run: 9 miles with 6x1000 m repeats at 3k-5k pace. Super hard, first time doing 1k repeats that I can remember, but felt super strong when it was done! 

Favorite raceAlamo 13.1 (only race).

Bike Miles: 0

Favorite Jam: I haven't listened to music much lately while running!

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