Friday, April 7, 2017

Chilly Cheeks 5 Mile Race Goals

I haven't ran a 5 mile race in years. March of 2011 to be precise. I've only raced two 5 milers, and both of them were when I was much speedier! 3/13/10 St. Patty's Day 5 mile 38:51 (short course) and 3/12/2011 Irishman Races: 5m 44:12 (as part of the Irishman races). The training plan I'm following has a 5 mile-10k race scheduled for this weekend, so I immediately signed up for the Chilly Cheeks 5 Mile that one of my running friends is the race director for.

I'm excited about doing a longer race effort to give me an idea of what my race pace might look like for the half in May. I'm really not sure what to shoot for during this race, so I used the trusty Macmillan calculator to help me calculate some paces.

A goal: 8:44 pace. This would have me around 43:42 finishing time, which would be just slightly faster than my 2011 race.

B goal: sub 9 pace/sub 45.

C goal: Sub 46 miles (9:12 pace).

Fingers crossed my legs decide they have some speed in them tomorrow!

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