Monday, April 13, 2009

Craptastic Weekend Runs....Hehe.

The title of this pretty much explains my weekend runs.  Blech.  I went out with some pals on Friday night and had way. too. much. fun.  Especially knowing I had to do a run the next day.  In my defense, I knew I had all day to run it and it was just a slow easy run, so I figured I could do that after a night out.  Wrong.  I managed to get 4 hours of sleep and just felt like trash all day Saturday.  I finally got off my couch to run at 1pm, headache and all.  I planned my run to end up at my car, since I had left it at the bar the night before, hey at least I'm responsible, eh?  The first two miles were really good, and then I started to get the horrible horrible side pains.  And I kind of freaked out.  I thought my pulled/strained muscle had healed since I hadn't had any pain in 2-3 weeks, but I guess not.  

At this point, I thought about just turning around and going to my car.  But after a quick stretch it was a-ok.  Random.  Good to know though:  the stretches that makes it feel better are the "I'm pretending to stretch" sort of stretches.  You know, arm in the air/side bend, trunk twisters.  I felt a foo'.  After this point I slowed waaaaay down, since I didn't want the pain anymore.  The first two miles were right around 8:30-8:40, total time:  35:44 for a pace of 8:54, which shows you just how much I slowed down.  Yikes.

I had been looking forward to my Sunday "long run" of 6 miles since I couldn't do last Sundays, and I had decided to run part of it on the tail end of the half marathon course (which conveniently ends right at my apartment).  Other than the cold and the 15-20 mph wind gusts, it started off great.  I chicked a guy on the bike trail, whoo!  But stupid me accidentally planned my route to include the steepest incline in town (by my record, anyway).  Although I wanted to stop at least 28 times, I didn't, and was so proud to reach the top.  

Unfortunately at this point, I was only 1/2 way done and deeeeead tired.  Of course the rest of the run was on a busy road that only had sporadic sidewalks, so I kept having to run across the street (sprint) since the Easter morning crazies were in a rush to get to work.  I was just so happy to finally be home when I was done.  Probably my worst run since the 1/2 last September.  Time:  57:41 for 6.08 miles for a pace of 9:30.  

But you know what a crappy run means, right?  A fabulous one on the horizon.  So I'm looking forward to that greatness.  Luckily I got to spend the rest of my day (after hanging up with the fam for easter) snuggled up with the lover boy watching movies, and convincing him to rub my back.  Stupid hill.  Ugh.

Edited to insert positivity:  Mondays are my "rest" days.  I used to do yoga a bunch, but have fallen off for some reason.  Tonight I decided to make time for it.  And it was awesome.  Totally made up for the horrendous runs this weekend (well almost totally).  And my ab work and pushups were great too.  I've been doing girly pushups at 2 sets of 25 one at the beginning, and one at the end of my ab work.  But I saw on someone's blog (crap sorry I forget who) the One Hundred Push Ups Challenge.  I don't know how many times I challenged myself to work my way up to a 100, but failed to do it on my own.  I'm sure my arms will feel like jello tomorrow, but will probably look like madonna cannons, so that's cool.  :)

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Mica said...

Sorry about your crappy runs. You're right though, that means a great one is just around the corner. I hope that, when it happens, you start yelling, "This is A F*CKIN' AWESOME RUN!!!!!"