Friday, April 10, 2009

Photo Friday + Belly Shirt Option

I had some extra time today and looked through the "Unknown Participants" photos from the St. Patty's Day 5k. Heck ya, I found some photos of me. Considering the only one they found of me was this one.  
I was pretty excited. Btw, totally looked up those chicas' bib# and I beat both of them. Muhahah. Um..ya. I'm a little competitive, no biggie.
Hey look.  Here I am, the speck next to the dude in blue shorts!
And here we have my most flattering angle (but seriously) shiny spandex booty?  Heck ya.  :)

Also, here's my super studly running buddy, Matty. As soon as I picked up my race packet, I called him to tell him how super, awesome the shirts were. When he picked his up, he called me, very upset. Something was definitely wrong with the Large sized shirts, because they were large in size, but crazy short (like 2-3 inches shorter than my Small, trust me, I know. I tried them both on at the same time). :) So instead he went to WalMart to get a sweet green shirt for the race. After I showed up at his place, and he showed me his "lame" shirt he found, I was soooooooo mad that he didn't get me one. How sweet would we have looked? Just two leprechauns, running for the GOLD. Hehe. Matt joked that he must have accidentally marked the "Belly Shirt" option on the registration form. The whole pre-race we spent picking out other fellas who had also marked the "Belly Shirt" option. Hilarity ensued.

Last night I did a 35 minute tempo run, and it was nothing short of fabulous. I eeked out 4.21 miles in 35 minutes, which is a pace of 8:19/mile. Coincidentally, this is also the pace of the above mentioned 5k. Does anyone else smell a new PR in 2 weeks? ;) I did the tempo run on the treadmill so it could control my pace for me and the stats are as follows:
5 min at 6.5/ 9:13 pace
5 min at 7/ 8:34 pace
4.5 min at 7.5/ 8:00 pace
2 min at 8/ 7:30 pace
1 min at 8.5/ 7:00 pace
1 min at 8.2/ 7:15 pace
2 min at 8/ 7:30 pace
4.5 min at 7.5/ 8:00 pace
6 min at 7/ 8:34 pace
4 min at 6.5/ 9:13 pace

Afterward, my legs were dead, but in an oh so good, dead way. Today is a rest day. Also I picked up Run Faster From the 5K to Marathon: How to be your own Best Coach from the library yesterday, so I'm excited to see what I can learn. Good luck to anyone racing this weekend, especially Midwest homie MicaPie who is going to tear up her 1/2 this weekend.


Mica said...

Ooh, thanks for the shout-out!

And I DEFINITELY smell a PR in the future with YOUR name on it! Great tempo run!

Kristin said...

Thanks for following me! I have put you on my reader and am looking forward to reading more!