Wednesday, April 1, 2009

End of March Report

I have been spending waaaaay too much time reading peoples' running blogs and not enough time blogging.  Luckily I have been spending a lot of time running also, so at least that hasn't been lost in the shuffle.

Here are my highlights for March

Total mileage:  66.8 miles.  I tried to look in my old running log for the summer I was training for my first half to see if this is the highest mileage for a month, but I wasn't able to access it.  Without record of it, we will deem it as such.  Ridiculously sad since I was only training for a 5k this past month, instead of a half.

Best (only) race:  St. Patty's Day 5k.  I PR'd by 48 seconds from a 5k two years previously.  And improved 2:30 minutes from my previously most recent 5k.  Yay for speedy Jeri again.

Best training run:  Obviously training for a 5k required many 3 mile easy training runs.  On one particular run, I was cooling down with a walk after the 3 miles were completed.  I happened to glance at the treadmill timer at 3.1 and I realized that even after walking .1 miles I still had a faster time than the last 5k race that I did.  Wow.

Random highlight:  Getting to experience Matty's first race with him.  It was awesome seeing how excited he was after completing the race.  I felt like a proud mother duck.  Er...something.

For April, I plan to run even more miles and hopefully break my 5k PR even further towards the end of the month.  I've been trying to incorporate a lot more ab work with my running, since I actually pulled a muscle during the previously posted race, instead of a silly old side stitch.  And I have had some random hip pain in some runs.  If I'm able to PR again I'm allowing myself to buy a Garmin.  Oooh baby, bring the PR to mama.


aron said...

great job on march!!! sounds like there were a lot of accomplishments in there :)

a garmin is an excellent reward!!! PR PR PR :)

Mica said...

Great job on your March goals and best of luck on your April PR!

...Even if you don't PR, you should get a Garmin. I swear, it has made me faster.