Wednesday, April 29, 2009

phone call with a 2 year old

I got a surprise phone call from this cutie last night.  My adorable nephew Harrison.  Yes he is rocking a faux hawk in this picture, and looking darn good doing it.  The little tyke lives down in TX with my bro and sis-in-law so I don't get to see him very often, so he "called me" last night. He gave me an educational lesson about noises different animals make, as well as a loud "touch down!!" Can you tell my bro is a little on the athletic side also?  This kid is going to be a stud.  My brother played football in college and was an amazing basketball player in high school, leading our high school to state championships in football and basketball.  His wife is a stud at volleyball and played a mean game of basketball back in the day too.  Secretly I'm hoping he'll be a runner.  ;)  Speaking of, my sister in law has gotten the running bug a bit over the last year and is contemplating running the Dallas White Rock 1/2 marathon with me in December when I come down to visit.  Well, not with me, per say, but with-with me.  Whatever.  Point:  the phone call made my night and I want to go visit the lil tyke NOW.  The terrible twos are my favorite age.  I'm sure that'll change once I have kids and have to be around a 2 year old non-stop, but they're just super fun when they have actual parents to go home to when I'm exhausted/annoyed by them.

My run was fairly tame, just an easy 3 miler.  I ran a regular 3 mile route to see how the Garmin would ping out the mile times compared to where I had "estimated" them at.  They were actually pretty close which is nice.  I also had an insanely strong finish at the end of the run which felt great.  26:02 for a pace of 8:41.
Mile 1:  8:55
Mile 2:  8:48
Mile 3:  8:17
My new running clothes came in the mail and I am SO EXCITED.  The purple shorts that I was somewhat iffy on ended up being royal blue.  Score one for Jeri.  Well.  They're actually that color that half of the population deems purple and the other half blue.  I tend to fall into that blue half of the world, but as long as I think they're blue, it's great.  The shirt is very on the uh..fitted side, but is still super cute.  I'll just have to make sure everything is toned and tight so there's no ab flab flopping around.  Ha.

I also did my ab workout and reinstated the one hundred push up challenge.  I did week 1 (the middle column) 2 weeks ago.  The third day of the challenge was a struuuuggle, and the website said to do the week again if you were struggling.  So instead I took a week off, and then started back up again.  I was nice enough to repay the favor to the boyfriend and do the push ups while he was doing a course online, but I don't think he enjoyed it nearly as much as I enjoyed watching his.  Maybe it's because I don't have bulging arms and fabulous back muscles (thank God, bulging?  Eew).  Or maybe it was because I was doing them in an oversized shirt and sweats so he couldn't see my sinewy (much better descriptive word for my dream muscles) arms and back flexed into perfection.  Next time.


Mica said...

I am totally jealous of your sporty family and your faux-hawk-rockin' nephew!

And great run with a strong finish!

Jamie said...

what a cutie! the dallas white rock race is great! i ran the full 2 years ago and have been wanting to get back to do it again.

great job on the 3!

J said...

Your nephew seems to have very athletic parents! It will be interesting to see what sports he plays when he grows up!

Great job on the run!

Amanda said...

I totally know what color you mean, it seems so obviously blue to me but other people think it's purple. I have some shoes that color. Your nephew is too stinking adorable!