Thursday, April 9, 2009

TIaRT + 57 degrees + Snow

I find the TiarT topic interesting [This week's theme is ... Running Technology Tips.  Calling all Garmin, Nike plus,iPodiPhone and all other running gadget junkies.   Share your tips for selecting, buying, and using your favorite running toys that also make your running more enjoyable.]

Personally I'm not too "gadgety" when it comes to running.  The reason I feel this way is simply because I do not fall into the Garmin owner category, but when I really thought about it, that's not a true statement.  I love my iPod shuffle.  The battery died on my 3 miler yesterday and it drove me crazy.  Second is my old school $6 green wal-mart watch.  How that battery has lasted almost 5 years is beyond me.  I use to map out my runs, and to keep track of my training log.  I used to have it on like alot of the rest of you have mentioned, but also ditched out when it switched over.  And then there's the treadmill.  I hate it, I love it.  It's nice to have an alternative to freezing cold/icy streets/30+mph winds/etc.  I also enjoy doing my sprint workouts on the treadmill to accurately track my time and distance.  Many of these items will be replaced once I buy my Garmin (hopefully in 2 weeks, if I can PR in my race).  Runners truly are a different breed.  I won't spend more than $20 on a shirt, but will spend $300+ on a watch.  Too funny.

Yesterday after work, I got my booty outside for a run.  It's been a good week and a half because I really struggle with the cold.  When I left work, it was 57 degrees out, so I decided to swap my tempo run with an easy 3 miles.  While I was driving home, I noticed a runner guy in shorts and long sleeves, and decided that should be sufficient for my run.  No sooner than 5 minutes into my run, I see a chick decked out in sweatpants, hoodie, and stocking hat.  Really?  Lady.  It's 57 degrees.  So I had to chuckle for feeling very B.A.

The other interesting part of my run was also during the first mile.  There was a 2 block stretch that still had snow on it.  Like 4-6 inches of snow.  Hello?  Snow, you do realize it's 57 degrees out right, shouldn't you be melting???  But then I realized that I looked like even more of a B.A. running through snow covering my shoes in shorts.  Haha.  At which point I decided to stop being so cocky because I envisioned myself tumbling down the snow filled sidewalk in shorts and no longer looked quite so B.A.  :)  The run itself was good 3.02 miles in 25:59 for 8:37 pace.  Apparently I really struggle at doing "easy" runs outdoors.  I just always want to go fast (for me that is).

Also, is anyone else a Real World/Road Rules Challenge fan?  It made my evening to see a new drama/hookup filled episode.  Oh when will I ever grow up???


Mica said...

B.A. fo' sho'!

Bummer, snow in 57º weather? What the heck!

Cindy said...

it might be possible to do a face plant and still look all B.A.
i've weaned myself off of those shows, but i did watch last night's episode gah!