Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Insert Clever Title Here

I lost my funk.  For now anyway.  I only had a half day at work today, because I had a doc appointment this afternoon, so I got to be out of the office on the gorgeous day that we were having.  I decided to go for a tan disguised as a jaunt around town, for an easy 3 miles.  The first few minutes of the run had me thinking that it would be craptastic run #3, but luckily my legs got into it shortly there after.  I ran 3.02 in 25:56 for a pace of 8:36.

After my run I spent 3 hours working on an artsy fartsy project I had been gathering materials for over the last few months.  Of course my back is killing me from being hunched over my table.  Of course my stupid batteries died in my camera so I wasn't able to snap a photo of the finished project, so I'll have to post that shortly.

Ok.  Officially lamest post ever.  My apologies if you made it this far.  If I have this boring of a day tomorrow, I'm going to make something up.  Ugh.

I'll leave you with me and Tay's pre-bedtime photo shoot.  Please hit the back button immediately if male nipple bothers you.   One does make an accidental appearance.  Also, my penguin shirt is one of my prized possessions.  I sleep oh so well when I'm wearing it.  :)


Mica said...

Nice run! You're speedy!

aron said...

great job running girl :)