Saturday, April 4, 2009

TiarT (but a few days late)

This is the first time I've participated in Tiart, and apparently I have to be different and post it on Saturday. TiarS if you will. Anyway, I had meant to do it previously, but didn't have access to internet, then I didn't have access to my camera, now I have both. Please forgive my tardiness.

To preface my post, I thought I would share a picture of all my running shoes. Left to right, top to bottom are my shoes newest to oldest. Apparently I like to throw in an Adidas pair every 5th shoe. Randomness. Ok Here I go.

[Shoes pictured top row 2nd from the right]

Asics Nimbus 7. You are my favorite color: green. You are the most expensive pair of running shoes I have ever purchased ($130) and while I was a poor, poor college kid. But I had to have you. You were with me for my second and third half marathons as well as my two fastest 5ks. When you had reached your mileage limits, I upgraded to the Nimbus 9. But it just wasn’t the same. I missed you. When it was time for another new pair, I started scouring the internet in hopes that some warehouse somewhere would have you, and I could buy 50 pairs to last me to the end of my running days, but alas, I was not successful. I love you green Asics Nimbus 7. You complete me.

[Also, I ended up with 132 words, but with tax, I'm sure it was right around there! Ha.]

My running has been going very well lately. Tuesday I had an easy 3 mile. Wednesday was a speed work, which I l-o-v-e. I had 6 x 400 meter repeats. Thursday was another easy 3 miles. I've been challenging myself to actually do my easy runs at an "easy" pace. For some reason I feel like I have to run fast on every run. Which is dumb. Today I have a 4 mile easy run and tomorrow I have a 6 mile long run. I love that my "long" run is less than an hour. Hehe. Unfortunately it's in the 30s and supposed to be snowing all weekend, so I'll be putting some mileage in at the gym.

OOH. And I got to see comedian ILIZA SHLESINGER last night and it was amazing. My goal was to get her to pick me out of the crowd and ask me to be her new BFFF, but it didn't happen. :( Soooooooo stinkin' funny.


Mica said...

Aw, this post made me wish I'd saved all my shoes.

Have you seen the new Nimbuses (Nimbi?)? They're

Jeri said...

Um....ya. For everyone who is doing the free $100 shoe website give-away business I've decided that would be the pair I'd buy. Which is funny b/c I'm soooo not a pink/girly girl, but I'm secretly in l-o-v-e with them.

And i can't get rid of my shoes. I've looked up the places to donate them, and still haven't made the jump. Memories..