Monday, April 6, 2009

RIP Iliza Fishinger

Um ya.  I killed my fish.  :(  I came home from work today, all excited to see him.  He had his nose buried in the rocks in the bottom of the aquarium.  I immediately thought he was dead.  But his little fins would move just a little bit every 5 or so minutes.  Since I don't have internet at my house, I called my madre, and she read me some info about beta fish, to see what I could do wrong.  We determined that the water temp had probably cooled too much in my apartment over night and the poor thing was freezing.  I tried to gradually heat up the water, to revive him, but it didn't work.  Seriously I had a beta in high school that I would forget to feed for weeks at a time (please don't turn me in to the Humane Society, I'm a better person now) and who lived in a dirty dirty fish bowl.  Yet I kill this one that I take such good care of.

In running news, I am also near death, so I haven't ran since Saturday.  I'm starting to go stir crazy.  I'm going to try to run tomorrow morning before work, but we'll see how I feel when I wake up.  I literally feeling like walking death.  It sucks to miss runs, especially since I've started to actually ENJOY my runs again.  I just keep telling myself that I'd rather be sick than injured, this'll clear up sooner or later.  Emphasis on the sooner!!!


Mica said...

Bummer about your fish and about your run! I hope tomorrow is a better, happier day. Best of luck with the run.

Cindy said...

hi! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :) i'm sorry to hear about your fish. they seem so easy to kill, you know? get a dog-they're a lot sturdier! hope you feel better soon.