Friday, May 2, 2014

Brookings Half Marathon Goals

It has been two years, almost to the day since I've gone sub 2 in a half marathon, at this very same race. There was a time when I first started running and racing that sub 2 was the coveted unicorn goal for me every race (much like sub 4 has been for the last four years). Then came a breakthrough of sorts where I would run under 2 hours for 13.1 mile training runs. Womp. I'm currently trying to work back to that point, but in the meantime I'll be shooting for a sub 2 finish at tomorrow's half.

My race plan is to start somewhat conservatively for the first 3 miles hitting 9:30-9:40 pace, then dropping to 9:10-9:20 pace for the next five miles and then attempting as fast as I can for the last five miles. I've been working on my speed quite a bit since the NYC half, so hopefully that will be to my benefit, and the race course is nice and flat, just like my quads and IT bands like it.

Also, the weather is 100% Jerbear approved: 39* at the start, with a real feel of 32*. Aka perfection. No rain, no snow, no sun, 7 mph winds (basically a whisper compared to the 40+ we've been having SINCE SATURDAY SWEET JESUS STOP NOW), and 42* at the finish, with a real feel of 38*. Let's all keep in mind that if I was in shape to PR this race it'd be 95*, 99% humidity and a 40mph wind that adjusts its direction based on which way I'm running during the race. ;)

Unicorn goal: Sub 2, sub 9 minute pace. I think that puts me at a 1:57. All the stars in the universe would need to align for this to happen.

Pugasaurus goal: Sub 2, even by a hair of Ollie's chinny chin chin.

Minotaur goal: Sub 2:05. The best race times I've posted since my last sub 2 have all been in the 2:04-2:06 range (and those times are all 18+ months old too). A 2:02 would be nice because I like palindromes. But not as much as I like a time that is 1:5X.

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Renee said...

I really want a sub 2 tomorrow, but don't think it's likely. I'm thinking more around 2:02 myself. Good luck this weekend