Monday, May 12, 2014

Ode to Oiselle's Mac Rogas

I've been on a quest to find the perfect pair of shorts for the last couple of years. I'm no longer the little runner chick who's thighs aren't on a first name basis, let alone in the same area code as each other. Just kidding, I've never been this girl. Even when I was teeny tiny runner girl, my legs have always been close BFFs, it's the way I'm built. Thank goodness I wasn't aware of the "thigh gap" craze when I was growing up and had horrible insecurities about my body, that would've just added additional ridiculousness to the pile.

My legs are big, and strong. And that's a-ok with me.

Anyway, I've suffered from some monster inner thigh chafing over the past year, primarily due to the grad school diet (I reward myself through food, yes, that probably makes me a dog, preferably a pug). The good news is that I have such impressive scarring on my inner thighs that I know *precisely* where to apply body glide for my runs and races, when I remember. #silverlining

Last fall I suffered from the worst of it, particularly on days that weren't super super hot, so I'd forget to apply body glide. Big. Mistake. Turns out, those are the days I need it the most! Interesting fun fact: my sweat is so intense that it allows me not to chafe if it's ridiculously hot out. Cool huh? (sarcasm) However, if it's just slightly warm, or even cool and I'm still sweating, my legs+inner short seam will destroy my legs.

I combatted this issue by wearing some somewhat inappropriate booty shorts for some of my mid-week long runs. No fabric, no seam, no chafing. Thighs can be bffs without issue. But unfortunately I can't wear booty shorts on the regular. Or in daylight. Probably.

Enter Oiselle's Mac Rogas.

I had seen everyone and their dog proclaim their allegiance to the Rogas in the past few years, and I just wasn't sold. They're cute, don't get me wrong, I just didn't get their sparkle unicorn status.

But when the Mac Rogas were unveiled, I took notice. The same cute shorts, in shorty short lengths? Now you have my attention, Oiselle.

I treated myself to some new running duds for my spring races (and for hitting yearly mileage marker so far) and two pairs of the Mac Rogas made it in to my shopping cart: fresh green (really yellow) and indigo. (Also, the green flyte tank, because, well duh.)

The verdict: I feel like I'm wearing booty shorts (in a good way, I like to feel like I'm running in nothing for some reason) but I (along with my butt cheeks) am/are fully covered.

The tests: Mile repeats at the track--great. Riverrat Half Marathon 40-50 degrees, fairly sweaty--great. Brookings Half Marathon 30-40 degrees (the true test IMO since I chafe most when it's cool and I sweat but it dries semi-fast)--great.

Now these just need to come out in a true green (that doesn't show swass) and I'll be a happy runner girl.

**Disclosure: I paid for this Oiselle gear with my own money and wasn't asked to write anything. I just wanted to pass along some info on shorts that might help runners with a similar STRONG shape as me!


Anonymous said...

Interesting! My thighs are also BFFs and I have SUCH a terrible time running in shorts. I dismissed the mac rogas because they are so short, but perhaps I should take a chance on them...

Anonymous said...

Yup, love 'em! I'd buy some true green ones...or, let's be honest, one of every color of the rainbow.

Susan said...

I do love the mac rogas...but nearly as much as I love the Stride shorts. As short and little as can be, please.